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Ginny is out sick.

Hi All:

Ginny is sick today. I’ll spare you all the details, but lets just say she is miserable.  Poor woman, first Maggie and now herself. It’s just one battle after another. Being a Mom is a *tough* job.  Ginny will be sleeping the rest of the day. I don’t know if she will get up for anything other than going to the bathroom.

Maggie appears to be doing well. We put her back on Reglan and now her formula is staying down, in fact, she has not thrown up since the 10pm feed. Feeding the babies is really difficult right now because Maggie is on an every-three-hour schedule, and Evie and Josh are on an every-four-hour schedule. That equals a whole lot of no sleep.

On a side note, Ginny said some of you non-Wordpress users were having issues posting comments. I’m guessing you all are more familiar with the Blogspot method. I’ve lowered the security a little to make it easier to post, but I have to be careful or we’ll get SPAMed to death. :) I have also renamed the blog to “Ginny’s Blog” because I’m not really a blogger.


We are parrents!

Hi all!  We are now parents. Ginny is a trooper and held the babies for 32 weeks. So… Without further ado, we are proud to announce the birth of:

Evelyn (Evie) Rose Wurttemberg – 3 lbs 14 oz – Born at 3:20 pm
Margaret (Maggie) Hayes Wurttemberg – 3 lbs 8.5 oz – Born at 3:21 pm
Joshua (Josh) Paul Wurttemberg – 3 lbs, 13 oz – Born at 3:22 pm

All of the babies are healthy and breathing on their own. They are hooked to a CPAP machine to maintain positive airway pressure. Not to worry, this is a similar CPAP device that is used for people with speep apnia. The nurses are surprised at how big the babies are for being 32 weeks old. The babies are in incubators right now to help them maintain their body temperature and to keep a slightly higher humidity. 

Ginny is doing well after the c-section. She is awake, alert, and hungry. :)


Mother’s Day excitement

Raj here… Ginny has been having contractions about every five minutes. She is uncomfortable and she says the contractions hurt. The doctor has ordered mag, and endocen to try to stop or slow the contractions. The doctor has also had the nurses give Ginny a shot of morphene for the contraction pain. Everyone is hoping the contractions stop and the babies get to stay in a few more weeks.

Hotel Northside…

Ginny being attended to.Hey all – Raj here. Ginny started having contractions every seven minutes and she was feeling pressure. Ginny had a doctors appointment today and was going down to the hospital any way. Good thing she went… her cervix was only 10mm and had started funneling.  Ginny is not happy about being here, she’s plugged into various devices and tubes coming out of her. It’s now after 11pm and the contractions have slowed waaaay down. The nurse gave her a sleeping pill, so hopefully she will sleep soon. 

 More updates later…

Gnome behind the scenes…

Hi all… I don’t post often but I just wanted to say HI!  Oh, and I made a few changes behind the scenes. Ginny was getting a lot of SPAM via the blog software. I posted the issue we were having on the WordPress web site, and within minutes someone had replied and showed me how to disable trackbacks. I also upgraded our WordPress blog software to the latest version and enabled an anti-SPAM plugin called Aksimet. Hopefully Ginny’s SPAM issue will be resolved. Advice to any husbands out there… a pregnant, frustrated, annoyed wife is deadly. :)  Keep your pregnant wife’s e-mail inbox SPAM free. ha-ha!

We have pictures! Joe first. :)

I was able to get the picture uploading for the blog working. Ginny will be very happy. She has been itching to upload pictures. The first picture will be of Joe shaved. He just tossed up a nice big juicy hairball on the wood floor. He much prefers the carpet, but I *moved* him quickly to a non-absorbent surface.Joe shaved I don’t think we have any big plans this weekend. We are going to have a “Hot-dogs and Wine” dinner this afternoon with our neighbors, Diane, Nicole and two others that I don’t remember their names right now. That should be fun. Oh Happy Birthday EmmaClaire Mitchell!! Big 3!  Happy Weekend everyone!

Hi all. Raj here!

Hey everyone. It’s me… Raj.. the hubby. :) Ginny had a rough day today. She is a trooper and I’m proud of her. She has a has a dentist appointment tomorrow, so I know she’s going to be on edge. She likes going to the dentist as much as I like needles. I knew she had a rough day and she needed a little something to cheer her up, so I got her some roses that were almost as beautiful as she is. :)

Nothing really interesting on my side of the world… just work and school as usual. My boss comes back from vacation on the 30th, so it will be back to fun as usual. Right now we are kind of taking it easy and enjoying the lack of stress. Oh, I did have a chance to waste two freekin’ hours of my day today doing a computer based training (CBT) program for the main company. The CBT was about the companies business practices and how to deal with customers. I’m a contractor and I have no interface with any of their customers! Bah! Ok enough rambling. hehe.