Healthcare Provider= Stubborn

Okay, so I haven’t felt good since Thursday.  My stomach started hurting before I even went to work.  I felt pretty rotten, but nothing I couldn’t live with.  I took some Pepcid (that did not work) and kept on going.  Thursday night I ran a low grade temperature.  Just enough to make me feel bad.  On Friday, I took more Pepcid (still not working) and felt awful at work.  I just stopped eating and hoped I would feel better.  I blamed feeling poorly on the flu shot and the Glucophage I had started. 

Saturday was supposed to be the last time I ran with the group.  I am not allowed to run any more long runs after the Army Ten Miler.  I would rather get pregnant.  Well, I decided to run with the group even though I didn’t feel good.  By mile three, I couldn’t run any more.  I was in so much pain.  I should have stopped after the first mile when I was hurting.  I walked all the way back to my car.  Walking hurt less than running, and I knew I could not run seven more miles.  I was so glad Joy did not try to walk with me.  I would have been mad at her.  I wanted her to run for both of us.  I cried my entire trip home.  I hurt a lot, but I was also upset about not completing the run.  My pride was pretty hurt when I had to quit.

Well, during all of this, I was still on call.  I went to the hospital and delivered a baby and then helped with a c-section.  Dr. B checked my tummy and said he thought I had appendicitis.  He made me go to the ER and get checked out.  They gave me pain medicine in my IV.  Oh my gosh, it was the first time since Thursday that I was in no pain!!!   It was great.  They did a CBC, CMET, and a  urine.  It was all basically normal.  At that time we were pretty certain I did not have appendicitis.  In fact, I was told that 40% of all abdominal pain was of unknown origin.  In my heart, I knew this pain was something…not just in my head.  When they did my CT scan, they found the problem.  I have Diverticulitis.  How weird.  Do you realize the percentage of people less than 40 with it is less than 10%.  Well, this is at least easy to treat.  I am on antibiotics and a progressive diet.  I am on full liquids for the next couple of days.  Then I get to start eating soft foods again!!!  I am excited.  I am on the road to recovery.

Raj and Mom were great.  They sat with me at the hospital.  Let me rephrase that.  I slept, Mom slept, and Raj played on his Nintendo DS.  I am so glad to not have to have surgery and to be feeling better.  I will be totally prepared for the Army Ten Miler next week!  I will just keep taking my meds now and get completely better!

Drugs….they are here!!

prego drugsI have never been so excited about medicine.  I know that so many people have different feelings about medication.  Even my boss said, “You know this can cause multiples right?”  He is pleased for me on a personal level, but I am certain he is anxious about what will happen with me on a professional level.  We are a pretty good team.  I read bulletin boards where people take herbs or who are willing to wait months and months for a cycle.  I guess that I believe God gave us medicine for a reason.  It must be used prudently, but it is there to be used.  I am ready to start now!

About the arrival of the medication…….I have been tracking it since yesterday.  I know this sounds OCD, but I wanted to know what time it was going to arrive.  Deep down I have been very worried that I would miss the drop off because of a delivery at the hospital.  I was there!  It was so great to see the box come through the front office window.  It was so much bigger than I thought it would be.  I had to go and see a patient, but I had to open my early Christmas present first.

I wanted to call Raj when I got it, but that horrible jury duty thing messed up my plan!  I told him on his lunch break.  Okay, so back to opening the box.  The box was lined with styrofoam with ice packs inside to keep the medicine cold.  It was cold.  I got all of the medication for this first (and hopefully last) round.  I got my Follistim Pen, progesterone, Follistim medication, and Ovidrel injection.  I am totally ready now.  I kept going to the fridge to look at my boxes of medication and playing with the Follistim Pen for the rest of the day!

It was so much fun to show Raj!  He is just as excited as I am.  Only six more days of Prometrium, and it will be close to time for my medicine!!!!! 

BTW, I did one more scan of my ovaries today to make sure there was no chance of ovulation.  My follicles really have not grown at all since the cycle day 10 ultrasound.  I guess that is why I am off to the injectables!

Jury Duty

My poor husband.  I feel so bad for him.  Every time I have been selected for jury duty, I have never gotten chosen for a case and I get to go home the same day…one time it took two days before I went home.  That is a really good thing.  On the other hand, Raj has now been selected for a case.  Poor guy has to sit on a jury for a civil case.  The entire experience is going to last at least three,if not four, days.  I can’t believe it.  This case is going to be a waste of taxpayer money.  However, it is his “civic duty.”  I feel so bad for all of them.  I hope the entire experience is quick.  I know Raj is making the most of the situation, but I know he would rather be at work.  Isn’t that an oxymoron.  Someone would rather be at work than not being at work!

Sweet Raj is now doing his school work.  He is exhausted, but he has an assignment due tonight.  After he is finished with his schoolwork, Raj has to log into his real work to prepare for a weekend project.  He has not complained once.  He is just doing what he has to do.  I am so proud of him.  He is so diligent and such a hard worker.  I am hoping he gets to enjoy a break soon.  This will all end, and we will laugh about the experience of jury duty later on. 

We have both been called for jury duty in Fulton County.  Neither of us have lived here for a long period time, and I hope with all my soul that other people who have lived in Fulton County for an extended period of time get their turn at jury duty soon!  I know that may sound vindictive, but I feel that way about it!!  I know voting is a good thing, but sometimes I wonder if we did not vote if we would be called to jury duty!!  Oh well, we won’t stop voting, so we will continue with jury duty! 

Shots and Sweating

I vividly remember lying to my professor in nursing school.  I know this must astound everyone!!  I did.  I lied to my professor telling him I felt comfortable giving injections, and I did not need any more practice!  I hated giving injections.  I always felt like I was just stabbing the patient.  I would break out into a sweat before I even drew up the medication.  I was terrified I was going to hit a nerve or damage the patient for life.  The sweat that would run down my neck was embarrassing.  My friends never understood why it bothered me so much.  I never minded starting an IV because there is an art to starting an IV.  I just seemed different to me.  In fact, I still feel like that today.  I have to give injections occasionally.  I still hate it.  Now, I just do it and get it over with.  I know it is just a part of the job, and my patients dislike it as much as I dislike it.  I don’t let my emotions control me as much as I used to allow them to.

Well, today was a little fun for me!  I got my flu shot.  I knew I just had to get it and not think about it anymore.  We have a nursing student who has been with us this semester.  I told her she could give me my shot.  I think I scared her.  I think she was afraid to tell me no, because I am “the provider” and all!  It was fun to get to mess with her a little bit!  I know that sounds mean, but it was in a sweet way.  I did not torture her. I just told her to go for it.  I promised her that she would not kill me!

Finally, when she gave me my shot, I could tell she was very nervous.  I did not understand how nervous she was until later!  She did awesome.  It was quick and fairly painless!  After she was done, I asked her to chart the lot number and expiration date in my chart.  I was walking past her when I put my hand on her shoulder to tell her again how good she did when I felt it.  All the horrific feelings I had in nursing school came back to me with a vengeance.  I could feel sweat radiating through her shirt.  She was an emotional wreck because she had to give me my injection.  She was also more proud than ever.  She gave “a provider” her flu shot.  That puts you a step above everyone else in your class.  She was a survivor.  If she could give me my shot, she can give anyone their shot!!!

I can’t believe I have come to the point in my career.  I am no longer the newbie.  Other people look up to me.  I am so glad I no longer break out into a cold sweat over injections.  However, there are many other things I can cause me to break out into a cold sweat.  At those times, I know there are others who are glad they are a step above me!  It is amazing how the circle continues.  I understand how shots and sweating go hand in hand for every nursing student on the planet!

Never Been More Excited About A Shot!

Well, Raj and I went to the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) yesterday.  Her name is Dr. Mitchell-Leef and I like her a lot.  I was very surprised at how to appointment went.  You are going to get a play by play of the appointment. 

When we arrived, Mary, one of Dr. Mitchells’s nurses checked my blood pressure and pulse, but she NEVER weighed me!!!!  I starved myself all day thinking I was going to have to step on a scale.  I was so happy about that.  It was at that point I began to relax a little.  After a quick recap on my health history, we went to Dr. Mitchell’s office to speak with her.  I have met her, and she knew I was coming to see her.  She came in, and we began the discussion on my plan of care.

The plan of care discussion surprised me a little bit.  No, it STUNNED me.  I am so glad that we went to see her.  We discussed going up on the Clomid, but she decided that she did not feel that was safe.  Because I had Optic Neuritis when I was in grad school, she did not want to raise the Clomid to the highest dose.  One of Clomid’s side effects is blurred vision.  With my history, she did not want me to have any risk of blurred vision.  I never thought about Optic Neuritis affecting any treatment.  I almost did not write it on my form.  I sure am glad I did.

Next, she wants me to start back on Glucophage.  My fasting insulin level is 7.0.  This is the number when she feels like there is some insulin resistance.  I am not insulin resistant, but when you are trying to conceive, this number can hinder the possibility of a pregnancy.  I am starting on Glucophage again.  I sure am glad that it does not bother me at all!

Now I am on to the most important part of this plan.  I am starting on a medication called Follistim.  This is an injectable medication made with purified follicle stimulating hormone.  This medication should (okay it BETTER) cause me to grow several follicles.  I will have to get daily or every other day ultrasounds to check the growth of my follicles.   I will also have to have bloodwork drawn at each of these appointments to check my estradiol level.  It should increase as my follicles grow.  This is all a little overwhelming to me. 

After we use the Follistim and my follicles are the right size by ultrasound, I will be told to give myself a trigger shot of HCG to cause me to ovulate.  The day after my trigger shot we will do an intrauterine insemination (IUI).  The next day we do a second IUI.  I also have to take three days worth of antibiotics when I have my IUI done to prevent any infection.  Two or three days after ovulation I will start progesterone. 

After all of this craziness, I do nothing.

We wait.

We wait for up to 17 days before we know anything.  If I have not started by 17 days past ovulation, I will then do a pregnancy test.  You can’t do a pregnancy test earlier because there is the possibility of  a false positive secondary to the trigger shot.  I have a feeling that is going to be a long 17 days. 

I feel great about this plan.  I have high hopes.  I keep trying to remind myself not to get my hopes too high, but I can’t seem to help myself.  I am so glad I am the one having these issues.  I feel like I have been able to take charge of my own fertility, and I know a lot.  It makes it so much easier when you know where you should go and what you should do.  I never want anyone I know and love to have to go through all of this.  Even I am nervous about having to give myself injections on a daily basis. 

Raj is the bestest!  He was so supportive at the doctor’s appointment.  He is willing to do whatever it takes to help make this work.  If he was not so supportive and willing, I could never go through this alone.  I can’t imagine what it is like for women whose spouses are not supportive.  I would never do all of this in that sort of situation.  We are so excited.    We can’t wait to see what happens.  If this works the first time, we will have a baby somewhere around July 13th!  Here’s hoping to this working the first round!

Sesame Street Live Saga

Well, EmmaClaire and I went to Sesame Street Live today.  We took Joy and OletaKate along with us!  When I picked up EmmaClaire, she had literally just woken  up.  When three year olds are sleepy, sometimes their emotions get the best of them.  EmmaClaire decided she did not want to go and see Elmo.  The more Joy and I asked her to go, the more upset EmmaClaire became.  Joy even tried just putting EmmaClaire in my car and us leaving.  EmmaClaire started sobbing, and I just could not make her go with me.  In the end,  EmmaClaire and I were both crying.  I remember the feeling of not wanting to go different places and being forced to go.  I was not going to make EmmaClaire go with me.  It did not hurt my feelings at all.  When you are three and just waking up, leaving your mom can be tough.

Well, Joy and I decided that Joy and OletaKate would come with me and EmmaClaire.  That ended up being AWESOME!  We all had a fantastic time.  We rode “Percy” aka MARTA to Phillips Arena!  Both of the girls loved being on the train.  EmmaClaire was very vocal in her pleasure of all of the sights along the way.  I am certain the people on the train were smiling on the inside as EmmaClaire talked.

When we got to Phillips Arena, EmmaClaire and I went to our seats.  She said she was not going to cry, she wanted to see Zoe!  She was very excited for us to have seats closer to the stage!  By the time we got to our seats, EmmaClaire and I had already spotted the cotton candy and snow cones!!  We got settled in, bought our cotton candy and snow cones, and then Joy and OletaKate came to visit us! 

In the end, Joy and I OletaKate stayed with me and EmmaClaire!  We really only needed two chairs.  Both of the girls stood on our legs to see the stage better.   As the show progressed, the girls both stood in the aisle dancing and singing!  We even had two different characters come up and say hi to EmmaClaire!!  That might have been the highlight of the show for her.  OletaKate was precious!  Oh my gosh, she was so sweet.  She was enamored by the entire experience!  She danced and sang through the entire show!  Joy and I loved the cotton candy.  It was right up there with seeing the girls so happy!!

It is amazing how things don’t start off how you planned, but how wonderful it can be!  I would never have traded today for anything in the world.  I had so much fun!  I feel like I got to spend some special time with OletaKate that I would not have had otherwise.  EmmaClaire loves me.  I know she will go somewhere special with just me sometime, but we will plan it a little better next time.  Last but not least, Joy and I had so much fun together and with the girls!  I had so much fun!  I can’t wait until the next Sesame Street Live!  We will all plan on going again next year!

One Eventful Day

I had such a great day today!  Joy and I ran eight miles this morning.  That went good.  I stepped in a hole and rolled my right ankle.  Then, I stepped on a pine-cone and rolled the same ankle again.  I am not an absolute klutz.  It was dark when we were running, and the street lights did not give enough light for me to see well.  Now that I am just sitting around, my ankle is really starting to hurt.  I am keeping it iced down.  It should be fine by tomorrow or Monday.  I am not too concerned.  We had a great time just running together.  Next week we are moving up to nine miles!!!

After running, Raj and I went up to Suwanee for Suwanee Days.  It was so much fun to be in the parade.  I pulled OletaKate in the red wagon!  Everyone else gave out candy to the spectators!  We all had so much fun.  I can’t believe Joy and I did the parade after we had run.  The parade was a success.  I think Office Creations is going to get some great sales from the effort Mom and Joy put into the parade.  It was a lot of fun watching how different each person was as they gave out the candy.  All of the different personalities amazed me.  It was great. 

This afternoon I went to a baby shower for one of my patients.  It was such an honor to be invited.  I only went for an hour, but I saw how excited and happy she was that I came.  It was so fun to do something else for someone else.  It was neat to see how much of a party the shower was going to be.  I got there too early to really enjoy the party, but I did get to bring back some food.  I am going to be enjoying that for lunch tomorrow!

Well, I am pretty worn out from getting up so early.  I think I am going to go to bed early tonight.  I have to be prepared to go see Elmo tomorrow.  It is going to be another fun day!

Good Week

I am not sure why I have not posted anything this week.  I have just felt mellow.  We had dinner with Susan on Monday night.  That was so much fun.  I was glad she was able to make time to see us during her trip down from Virginia.  I am glad that I got to see her, and I get to go to see them and run the Army Ten Miler next month.   I was just glad I did not have to go to the hospital or get paged while we were at dinner.  Getting to have dinner with Susan has been the highlight of my week.  Otherwise, it has been very quiet.  I have been on call every day but one this week, but it has still been good. 

This weekend is going to be a bit crazy.  I think that will even out my mellow week!  Tomorrow, I am going to buy my new Coach pocketbook for the fall.  I am so excited.  Lorri gets 25% off, and she is letting me go with her and buy my new pocketbook with her discount!  It will be fun getting to peruse the store until I find the purse I want!  Saturday is going to start with a bang!  Joy and I are going to run 8 miles at five o’clock in the morning before we are in the Suwanee Days Parade.  We have to meet at the store at seven forty five that morning.  Even though we are starting our run early, we are still going to be pushing the limit on time.  Raj and I are going to have lunch with his parents to celebrate his mom’s birthday.  We are going to go to lunch with them.  It should be a lot of fun.  Saturday afternoon, after lunch, I am going to go to a baby shower for one of my patients.  I will only be there for a few minutes, but I know it will make her happy.  She brought me my invitation to the office today.  Sunday I only have one thing to do.  I am going to go see ELMO!!!!!  EmmaClaire and I are going to see Elmo at Phillips Arena.  We went last year, and I think we are going to have sun again this year. 

By the time I have completed this weekend, I am going to need a few days off!  I only wish I could take off Monday.  I think that would do the trick.  I can dream about that, but that will not be happening!  So sad.  One week from tomorrow is the HUGE appointment.  We are going to see Dr. Mitchell-Leef at two thirty.  I am so excited.  Well, here’s to a mellow week and a crazy weekend!

Kenny Chesney Concert

At Hifi Buys Ampitheatre! Raj and I had such a great time at the concert!  I have not gotten to go to Hifi Buys for a concert in several years.  It was so great!  I enjoyed Kenny, but my favorite part of the night was Sugarland!  Jennifer Nettles was awesome in concert!  OMG!  She was so much fun.  It made it even neater to know that they are from Atlanta, and this was the final concert for the tour.   I know Raj is not a country music fan, but he recognized a lot of the music.  In between sets, Aerosmith and Def Leopard were playing.  Raj enjoyed that part a lot.  I think that it actually stunned him to hear music that was not country at a country concert. 

There was something very surreal about being at the concert.  As I looked at the musicians on stage and heard them talking about the crew and bus drivers, it reminded me of Nashville.  I remember knowing people who worked on these types of tours.  I remember how many of the tour buses would meet at the Kroger in Green Hills before leaving for the tour.  It is amazing what memories can be brought up by music!

The people at the concert were amazing too.  I am not a big drinker.  In fact, if I never drank again, I would be fine.  Most of the people at the concert don’t feel the way I do!!!  I have never seen so many drunk people in my life!  It was hysterical.  After Kenny started singing, I knew I was going to want to leave before the concert ended.  I am such a “stick in the mud.”  I did not want to be on the rode with all of those crazy drunk people!  It was nothing personal.  I just did not want to sit in the parking lot and then the street for hours trying to get home.  Raj and I enjoyed Kenny, but we did leave early.  I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the concert.  I think it would be fun to go for another concert.  I want to go with Joy and Brett next time.  It would be a perfect double date!  It means so much to me that Joy gave me these tickets.  It was great!  I can’t wait to go to another concert soon!  We only took four pictures at the concert, but they are in the photo album…enjoy!