It is official….by the stick at least!  I am PREGNANT!!!!!!!  I am so excited!  Raj and I are both a little stunned!  I can’t believe we are actually going to have a family.  We have no idea how many babies are there yet.  It is going to take a couple of weeks to find that out!!  I get my blood drawn in the morning.  I am ready to see numbers.  I like cold, hard numbers.  It is easier for me to understand how well my pregnancy is going with numbers. 

Raj and I have so many decisions to make now.  Do we buy a new house?  Do we live in the condo for another year or two?  When do we buy a new car?  What type of car do we buy?  What type of baby furniture do we want to buy?  What colors do we want for the baby’s room?  What type of video camera do we want? 

It is amazing to have so many decisions!  Life is going to be so different.  I am so excited.  Thanks to each of you for all of the prayers and support.  I am so happy to be past the injectable stage and on to the baby stage.  We love each of you!

Here is a picture of the positive pregnancy test!!!!!!


I have had a crazy week.  My hormones and emotions change by the minute.  All of the infertility stuff can get to you after a while.  I had the added pleasure this week of having Ovulation Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).  This is where my ovaries become extra huge because of all of the medications I have been taking.  My abdomen is distended and very tender.  I went and saw Dr. Mitchell because of this.  She said I am okay, but we have to watch it closely.  Ughh.  My body is just in a state of shock.  It has no idea what to do with all of these hormones!!  Well, I am just continuing on in my 2ww!  I should know something by this time next week!

Well, on to the nicest night out.  Raj and I met Kevin and Stephanie for dinner at Swapna.  We have not seen them in forever.  It was sooooooooo nice to be out with friends and have such a good time.  It was such a relaxing evening.  It is so nice to have a friendship that is strong enough to last time, distance, children, jobs, husbands, and just life in general.  Stephie just made this week wonderful for me.  I didn’t realize how much I needed a night like this until I got in my car to go home.  Laughter and nonstop talking is wonderful for the soul!  I hope there are many more nights like that in the future!

Only one more day of work this week!  I am so excited!  Nite! Nite! 

In three years….

Three years ago today was very special for me.  I met Raj for the first time ever.  We met at Cafe Intermezzo.  I can’t believe how many things I have learned about him since that night.  Here are some of my favorite things I have learned about him since that night….

12.  He does not go thru yellow lights with me in the car!

11. He really does like the cats!

10.  He didn’t like desert when we met…now he does!!

9.  He really can play on the computer 24 hours a day!

8.  He is the most selfless person I know.

7.  Everyone loves him!

6.  He can stay skinny without exercising…no fair!

5.  He loves to travel.

4.  He loves the finer things in life!

3.  He loves seafood almost as much as me!

2.  He is the best cook in the world.

1.  He loves me more than any person in the world…and our life is great!

These are just a few of the things I have learned about Raj since that wonderful October 21, 2004.  I can’t wait to see what the next few years and decades bring to our lives!

The World of the Internet

I have to thank my sister in law, Susan, in a round about way for this post.  She got me hooked on the best blog two years ago.  Her name is Amy, but her blog is www.amalah.com.  I rarely miss a day of reading it. Well, on to the reason I say all of this.  Amalah is a professional writer/blogger.  She writes for a site called “Mom’s Daily Dose.”  She goes into the internet world to find other moms or mom wannabes and features their blogs.  Well, today’s blog hit a nerve with me.  I am not artistic or Type B.  Thus, I write what is not happening exactly.  Well, this site that I am leaving a link to says exactly how I feel in a beautiful, special way.  Almost the entire entry is how I feel…minus the lady at the front desk.  Marylin, the lady at my front desk, makes the entire appointment 1000 times better.  Just read this link, and imagine I could write something like it!  Thanks Susan for getting me hooked on Amalah.  It has really broadened my scope.  I love you.

Here is the link:  http://mylostandfoundoflife.blogspot.com/2007/10/infertility-anonymous.html

Nothing else to do…..

Wow, this is a weird feeling.  There is nothing else we can do but wait and wait.  It is so odd.  We have been doing so much and getting so much information on a daily basis.  Now, we get no info.  Urghhh.  I am a numbers person.  I love information.  Now I have none.  I just have to wait.  This is such an odd experience in life.  I go, go, go and then I stop and wait. 

I think my body is more tired than I realized it was.  I have slept more in the past two days than I have in the past week or two.  I think my body is glad to be out of the go, go, go part of  the cycle.  It amazes me how it has responded to being off from work for two days.  I hope all of this rest is helping us to get a really sticky bean or two. 

Today’s appointment went very smoothly.  We got there 15 minutes early and were immeditately taken to a room.  It all went very fast and easily.  I am glad all of this work is done.  I hope we have a lot more work in the future…..a baby!


I love my husband.  He is the most wonderful man in the world.  He has made today so wonderful.  I have never seen him as excited as I saw him today.  He wants to be a daddy.  He is so positive.  He BELIEVES I am going to be pregnant this month.  I love that!!!  I had to work up until it was time to go to our appointment this afternoon, so Raj had to take care of his part without me harassing him!  He did it all perfectly!  He is so precious, he looked up IUI on the Internet to make sure the office received his specimen at the perfect time.  It was so nice to know that we are in this together.

Raj was wonderful at the office.  He kept my mind occupied.  The doctor was in the room for about five minutes.  He asked  if we had any questions, and he told Raj it was not going to hurt him a bit!  I laughed.  It didn’t hurt me at all either!  We talked through the insemination.  They had me lay on the table for 20 minutes afterwards.  They had a timer that had a big sperm on the handle to time our 20 minutes.  It was cute.  Raj and I talked about baby names while I was laying there.  We have two boy and two girl names picked out right now.  We just hope we don’t have to use them at one time! 

Since we have been home, Raj has treated me with kit gloves.  He has let me just lay around and be treated like a princess.  I keep telling him he does not have to do it, but he tells me I am pregnant and need to be taken care of.  His positive attitude is going to keep me going.  I know he believes I am going to be pregnant this month.  I love that belief.  The next 16 days are going to be hard.  I can’t wait to see a BFP (big fat positive) at the end of this road!

It’s time!!

Well, I got the phone call today.  My Estradiol is 1309 and  perfect.  I have some huge follicles.  On my right side I have 1 19mm, 2 17mm, 4 16mm, 1 14mm, and 2 13mm follicles.  On my left side I have 1 18mm,  3 14mm, and 1 13mm follicle.  These are the ones that count.  My endometrial lining is 13.3!  This is great!  I am going to be giving myself the trigger shot between 9 and 12 tonight!  Raj and I both feel so much hope!  We really think this is going to work this month!  I can just feel it!  We will be going tomorrow and Wednesday for our IUIs.  I am so glad that Raj will be there for the entire process.  Well, it is almost time to give myself the trigger shot.  Please be praying for us.  We are really hoping this will work. 

Up, Up, and Away We Go!

Happy news!  My follicles are growing!!!  I am so excited!  We may get pregnant!  I feel a glimmer of hope!  I have some great follicles.  On my right side I have 2 16mm, 1 15mm, 2 14mm, 2 13mm, 2 12mm, and 1 11mm follicles.  On my left side I have 1 14mm, 1 13mm, 1 12mm, 1 11mm, and 2 10mm follicles!  I can’t wait to see what they are in the morning.  I am thinking that I may have one more night of injections before my trigger shot on Tuesday.  I am so excited!

Raj and Mom came with me to my appointment this morning.  I could see the amazement on Raj’s face.  Mom was so cute, she just kept asking questions!  Raj has seen previous pictures of my ovaries, so he was able to see the difference.  He touched my arm through the entire ultrasound.  I could feel the love radiating from him.  We had fun.  I was glad they could understand what I do every time I go in.  I felt like this was a group effort.  I don’t feel like I am going at this alone.  I know I never have been alone in the process, but it can get hard when you have to go in every day.

I am so excited for this week.  I really believe Raj and I are going to be buying baby things for Christmas!  I give an update tomorrow when I get all of my results back!!

Nothing Exciting

I am sooo glad it is Saturday.  This week feels like it has taken forever!  Raj and I are going to enjoy a restful Saturday.  I have not slept in on a Saturday in months.  Now that I can’t run long runs, I did not have to get up and run with the group.  I needed the rest, so I am coping better than I thought.  Plus, I am sore from my short runs this week.  I know it is because I missed so many days the week before.

Nothing real exciting in the infertility realm.  I am still giving myself the injections.  The most exciting part is that I did not have to get up and go this morning for an ultrasound.  I needed a break.  My follicles are progressing slowly.  I am just glad to get a break today.  I am hoping to trigger middle of next week. 

Raj is doing great.  He is  almost finished with this round of school.  He only has three more classes to earn his associate’s degree!   I am so proud of him.  We will keep you all updated with anything new and exciting and going on….we promise!

Big Infertility Day

I just wanted to give a quick update on what is going on these days.  I am working on a post regarding my trip to Washington DC this weekend!  Well, I had my HSG today.  It was so easy.  I talked to the nurse practitioner through the entire procedure.  Raj was not allowed to go back with me.  That really bummed me out.  He was there waiting for me when I was finished though.  He was totally prepared for what to expect, which was the sweetest thing ever.  I am so glad my tubes look good.  I am glad something my body does is right. 

Well, they also called me regarding all of my results from today.  I thought I was doing good after my ultrasound.  I have two 10mm follies on my left side and one 9mm folly and two 8mm follies on my right side.  My estradiol level is only 99.  That is significantly lower than they thought it would be.  The nurse practitioner who did my HSG today said I was a poor stimulator.  I hope with this stronger medication, I will become a good stimulator. 

Well, I will go back the morning for another scan and bloodwork.  I can’t wait to get my results tomorrow afternoon.  I will also be getting my medicine in the morning.  I ordered it today.  I love overnight shipping!