Drugs….Wonderful Drugs!!!

I learned the most wonderful thing today!  I LOVE drugs!  Okay, to be more specific, I LOVE Zofran!!!!!  Zofran is an anti-nausea medication!  Today has been a particularly rough day in regards to nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.  I saw one of the docs in the practice I go to for my obstetrical care, and I asked him if he could write me a prescription for Zofran.  I explained to him how poorly I was feeling.  He, very sweetly, wrote me my script immediately!  I went and had the prescription filled tonight.  I immediately took one.  Guess what?!  I ate dinner!!!!!!!!!  I was wondering if that was ever going to happen again!  I feel so much better.  I will be taking this medicine as often as I need to take it, for as long as it needs to be taken!  It is so important I gain weight for the babies.  Now, I can at least eat food to help with the weight gain process.  I also need to eat a ton of protein.  I am not real fond of meat, but the Zofran is allowing me to tolerate it much better.  I am so glad to have asked for the medication.  I did not want to seem like a complainer, but now I realize how bad I really felt.  Things are looking up!  Being pregnant is now getting better by the day!!!

On a side note.  I told Dr. Bilek about the triplets today.  He handled it well.  That means, I also told the nurses at the hospital!  They are so excited for me.  It was good to be excited with them!  Life is great! 

Well…the lights are up!

Being pregnant is the weirdest thing.  I have energy for about 2-3 hours each day, then I just push and make it through.  Well, since this is the weekend, I don’t have to push!  Raj and I picked out our Christmas tree on Friday, picked it up Saturday morning, and Saturday night we put on the lights.  After that, I was poopered!  Today, we plan to finish the tree.  However, in my opinion, the tree looks great with just the lights!   Who really needs ornaments or tinsel anyway?!  No.  Just kidding.  We will have a complete tree this year…..no matter what!!  Does that sound like Mom as a kid saying we were going to have fun no matter what?!  Probably.   Well, I hope everyone’s Christmas season is getting off to a fantastic start.  I know our Christmas season could not be better.  I have also posted my pics from the Gingerbread House decorating.  Here is a pic of my “lights only” tree!!


Three Heartbeats!!!

I can handle anything that comes with this pregnancy for three reasons.  All of our babies have wonderful heartbeats!  My ultrasound went great today.  Raj and I got to hear each baby’s heartbeat.  It was such a wonderful noise.  Considering I deliver babies for a living, I love hear the gallop of a baby’s heart, but hearing our babies’ heartbeats was the most wonderful sound ever!  We have to go to the OB within two weeks, or I have to go back an see Dr. Mitchell-Leef.  I love Dr. Mitchell-Leef, but our insurance will cover the OB, so that is where I am going.  I have had the most wonderful experience at RBA.  I am going to recommend it to anyone having trouble getting pregnant.  I am sad to go, but so happy my babies are on their way!.

Here is a picture of all three babies.  Looking at the picture, Baby A is on the far right, then Baby B, and Baby C is on the far left.  This is opposite of how the babies are in my uterus!! 


Here is Baby A being measured!

Heartbeat 120bpm


Here is Baby B being measured!

Heartbeat 129bpm


Here is Baby C being measured!

Heartbeat 118bpm


We are so blessed, excited, and scared to have these precious children on the way!  Pray for us and the babies.  I think we all need it right now!  We love you all!

Pointless, but Necessary, Activities

Well, today has consisted of packing up clothes, cleaning the house, and throwing crap away.  In fact, I never knew I could throw away so many things.  Raj and I are meeting with the realtor tomorrow night to put the condo on the market.  I know this sounds exciting and hopeful, but it is not that hopeful.  The condo market in Atlanta is saturated.  I mean totally S-A-T-U-R-A-T-E-D.  There is only one condo in our complex that has sold in the past year.  There are twenty five on the market as we speak.  Arghhh.  I just hope the one person who needs to see the condo will see it.  We need it to sell.  We need it to sell in the next ninety days.  That is my goal.  I know I am being way too optimistic, but I can dream right?  I hope all of the organization, tossing of items, and cleaning will do the trick.  We will see what happens.  Pray for the best.  We need to be out of this condo ASAP.

Mack Trucks

Well, I officially know what it feels like to be hit, run over, and backed over again by a mack truck!!  The beginning of pregnancy is crazy.  I have never been this tired in all of my life.  I am so glad I got to come home from work early and SLEEP!  Now, I feel energized for the rest of the evening.  I am just so glad Raj called and woke me up.  Otherwise, I would have slept all afternoon and never had the possibility of sleeping again tonight!

On another note, I have not told the nurses at the hospital I am pregnant with triplets.  I feel like I need to wait until I tell Dr. Bilek.  The nurses are going nuts.  I know some are upset because I have not told them.  I am just not ready to yet.  They are all assuming it is more than one since I have not been willing to tell them how many.  Oh well, they only have to wait another week.

Tomorrow, Raj and I are going to the “Baby Expo” at the Cobb Galleria.  I hope they have some interesting things for multiples.  We are both excited to see what they offer!  We are also getting the condo ready to be put on the market Monday.  We know nothing has sold in the complex in a long time, but we have to believe ours is going to sell in enough time to get a house before the babies are born.  Life is so interesting.  It is going to change by the day!

The most wonderful awful feelings!

I never knew how wonderful feeling crappy could be!  I am continuously exhausted.  All I want to do is sleep.  It is like I never get enough rest.  I feel like I am continually trying to recover from a high school spend the night party where we never slept!  Then, I have these undercurrents of nausea from time to time.  I am learning that I don’t like much greasy food much right now!  These are all such crazy sensations!  It just amazes me how much I love these babies…even more by the hour.  I am ready to see how the are growing.  We did a quick ultrasound yesterday.  They all had faint heartbeats!  Baby A appeared a little smaller than the other two, but he is going to be fine.  I am going to check them out again tomorrow.  We don’t go back to the RE again until Tuesday.  I am just praying daily that God will take care of each of these precious children.  I know I am doing everything I can do, but the rest is in His hands.  I have decided I am not going to stop worrying about them until I’m dead in seventy years or so.  I just have to trust and know everything is going to be okay.  That is just much easier said than done.  I am off to bed.  Nite.  Nite.



Who would have ever thought?  Raj and I are still just totally stunned.  We can’t believe it.  It has taken more than 24 hours for this to sink in.  We are going to have three children at one time.  As we started the ultrasound, I asked if I could watch.  She said she would look first and then let me see.  All of a sudden she says ,”Three.”  I repeated her saying “Three?”  Once again she said, “Three.”  I was in a state of shock laying on the table.  Raj was standing next to me looking at the monitor.  He didn’t say anything.  Amy, the ultrsonographer, asked Raj if he needed to sit down.  Raj said he was fine.  We are just stunned.  It still has not hit us we are going to have three children.  I know we are going to be great parents, but we are both nervous.  We are aiming to make it to 36weeks.  I know we are aiming high, but I am determined for our babies to go home from the hospital when I go home.  Please pray for us.  This is going to be a wild ride!  By the way, we won’t know if they are boys or girls until at least 15 weeks.  Right now I am 5 weeks and 3 days!  As we get more ultrasound pictures, we will post them in the photo album.

Straw Poll

Okay, I am putting everyone’s bets for the number of babies in writing.

Here we go…..

Mom 1

Dad 2

Mimi 2

Uncle Charles 1

Aunt Ashley 3

Ryan 1

Rebecca Anne 3

Uncle Casey He won’t make a guess…..He says it doesn’t matter how many. (cheater)

Susan 1

Uncle Brett 3

Aunt Joy 3

 Most everyone at my office thinks one.  Paulette thinks 2.  Whitney thinks 3.

At Dad’s office , two people think one, two people think two, one person thinks three, and one person thinks four.  The person who thinks four should be shot!

I am counting down the hours until we see our little bean(s).  We are so excited.  We will let you know when we know!!!!