Getting Kicked

I have come to a new point in the pregnancy!!  I am getting kicked….everywhere!  It is the weirdest sensation ever.  Each baby has it’s own time it wants to move.  Sometimes, they all start kicking at the same time, but that is rare.  It is kind of nice to feel each baby move separately.  Because of this, I can talk to each baby as I get kicked.  All of their personalities seem so different.  The girls definitely seem wilder than Josh.  He seems much more laid back.  I have a feeling he is the epitome of what the nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit call a lazy white boy!!  I really don’t think it is that the boys are lazy, I think they just kind of roll with the punches.  The girls seem to want to punch back more than the boys.  I am ready for the babies to be big enough for Raj to feel easily.  I know that time is rapidly coming.  I also know when that happens, my bladder will also be accosted!  This is the most fun I have had being pregnant.  It is so wonderful to be able to feel my babies, not just see them via ultrasound.  I can’t believe how fast the time is flying.  Before I know it, I will be holding them in my arms.  How wonderful.

Maggie’s Butt

Today, we had another ultrasound to check my cervix and Maggie’s heart anatomy.    Everything looked so good!  All three of the babies were doing great!  The funnier part is about Maggie!  They were supposed to check Maggie’s heart today.  At our last appointment, they were unable to see her heart because of the way she was laying.  Today, she was showing us the butt again!  She does not seem to want to play fair!  The only two things we were able to see were the four chambers of the heart and the aorta.  Those are the two most important things, though.  Here’s a cute story for you though!  While Maggie’s heart was being checked, Evie gave her a swift kick in the butt!  Evie was telling Maggie she needed to behave.  It was so cute.  Josh, on the other hand, was minding his own business and seemed bored with all of the happenings!  He gave us a huge yawn!  It was so sweet.  Raj and I both enjoyed getting to see the babies.  I was glad to see what positions they were in.  I now know I have been feeling all of them move!!  It was a great day!   We are so glad everything looks great so far!

Here are the important stats for today…….

Evies’s Heartbeat 146bpm

Maggie’s Heartbeat 156bpm

Josh’s Heartbeat 157bpm

Exhaustion and Recovery

I have been out of work for over 2 weeks now.  That is so crazy.  I feel more tired today than I have ever felt before!  My body is trying to recover from the past decade of work.  My cell phone is also in shock.  It can’t understand why it is not getting phone calls or pages in the middle of the night!  It seems very sad.  It still gets texts but not from labor and delivery or from patients.  My brain is going to mush because it is not having to defend every single action it takes.  It is enjoying going to mush for a while!  My body is trying not to go into shock totally over it’s lack of abuse.  It is amazing how much my body really wants me to rest.  I am going to enjoy it since my body has no idea what is coming!!  It thinks the past decade has been a challenge between nights shifts, unending call, and emergencies, but it has no idea what 3 babies are going to do to it!!  It’s never going to sleep well again!  It thought call was tough, it has no idea how loving and caring for three babies was going to be!  It should be fun.  I am just glad that the lack of sleep will be for something worth all of my time and energy….three wild kids.  I am going to try to get some rest to be prepared for what is to come!!!!!!!! 

We are so lucky

Tonight I was reading a story on CNN.  It was about children in Iraq who have Polio and need wheelchairs.  It told the story of one father carrying his son for six miles to get to the location where his son could get a free wheelchair.  The article says that people rushed to help the father carry his son the last 100 yards, but the father said he had carried his son his entire life and could carry him that last little bit to receive his wheelchair. 

Sometimes I really take for granted how lucky I am.  I am nervous about being pregnant with triplets, but now I realize that my fear is not very deep.  I feel so guilty for realizing this.  Think about this.  I see a specialist every other week, and I see my OB on a regular basis.  I was able to get a pump to help me stop vomiting.  How many women in Iraq have that ability?  I have the nation’s best OB hospital that is going to care for me and the babies when the time comes.  I have wonderful nurses, nurse midwives, obstetricians, and maternal fetal specialists.  There are people in the USA who aren’t receiving the care I am. 

Not only am I lucky with the people who are caring for me and the babies.  There are medications and monitors to help stop my labor that are always available.  There are tests that can be done to watch the growth of the babies.  I don’t have to work.  I can make my only job be growing my little beans.  I have family who loves me, Raj and the babies, and I know they are here to help us whenever we need it.

For my babies, there are warmers, ventilators, and neonatologists.  There are lactation specialists who can help me get them the most breastmilk possible.  There are ultrasounds and x-rays whenever a doctor says one is needed for any of the children.  There are nurses and respiratory therapists who make sure my children feel safe, loved, and cared for when I cannot be at the hospital.  My children will be vaccinated against all different diseases from RSV to Polio to protect them from diseases that kill people in other parts of the world.

I don’t have to worry about the hospital being bombed or being shot at trying to get there.  I don’t know what the future holds for me or my babies, but I know three things for sure.  First, I know we can handle anything that comes our way.  The second is I would carry all three of my children for six miles down a dirt road if necessary to give them the best chance at life possible.  The third is that they are going to be loved by their mom and dad forever.

Some of my favorite memories so far

We got talking about some fond memories of our current pregnancies on my bulletin board.  It made me start thinking.  I want to write some of my favorites down so when the babies are older we can all know what I was thinking at this point in time!  Since this blog is as much for me as it is for any person who happens to read it, I am keeping some of my most precious memories here.  So off to my favorite memories of the pregnancy so far.

* going to see Dr. Mitchell-Leef with OHSS and her teliing me she knew I was pregnant even though it was too early to know 

* taking my first pregnancy test and barely seeing a second line…I asked Raj 50 million times if he saw the line too.

* Mimi and Aunt Joy calling the Saturday which was cycle day 10 to know if I had a gotten a positive pregnancy test that morning…..they are so nosey!

* Calling to tell the family we were pregnant

* Getting my quant HCG results and being told it only looked like I was going to have one baby…boy were they wrong

* Going with Raj to the RE’s office for the first ultrasound to find out how many babies we were having

* Laying on the ultrasound table and hearing the u/s tech say three and Raj being so loving and calm as we found out we were have triplets.

* calling all of our family to tell them we were having triplets….they all went nuts!

* finally being able to see three heartbeats

* severe morning sickness…not really a fond memory but a memory none the less

* opening the envelope that said Raj and I were have one girl and one boy for sure while standing in the kitchen at the condo

* finding out we were having 2 girls and 1 boy

* moving into our new house and dreaming about the nursery

I know these are just a few of my memories, but every once and a while I am going to do an update on my favorite memories.  In a few years, these will be such a distant memory that it is so important to put these feelings into words while I still can!  Oh, by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

A glimpse into my life

I have to tell you all, I am really being able to focus on taking care of me and my babies now.  It is truly a blessing to be out of work.  Here is my perfect example.  It is 3:45 in the morning right now.  I woke up at about 3:00 this morning having to use the potty.  I crawled back into bed.  I was starved.  I tried eating my graham cracker sticks sitting next to the bed.  It did not work.  I was still starved.  So, I got up and ate a banana with peanut butter and drank a Carnation Instant Breakfast.  When I was working, I would have laid in bed trying to force myself to sleep.  I would have been worried about making it through the day and a 24 hour call night.  Now, all I had to do was get up and eat something without worrying about surviving the day too.  Now, I am sleepy again.  Off to bed.

I’m Back!!!

Wow!  I never thought I was going to have the Internet again!  How traumatic!  Raj and I are in our new house.  Now, being in the house does not mean the house is unpacked.  That part has gone much better since my best friend from Nashville came down and helped us this weekend!! In fact, the house actually looks like a house now on the inside.   I give Amanda all of the credit.  It would not have been done without her!  The garage is still lacking a little, but a TON was done out there this weekend, too!  Raj has to get shelves placed in the garage to be able to put away the rest of the boxes.  However, he is being so sweet and letting me park my car in the garage, so I am pretty flexible!  It can wait until he is ready to do it! 

We are trying to decide on what colors we want to do in the kitchen, dining, and living rooms.  They are all open to one another.  We are are pretty certain we are going to do a wine theme.  I think it will be pretty to have burgundies and purples and golds.  It won’t be dark, just pretty!  I am waiting to post pics of the inside until I have a little more decorating completed.  Granted, with me, that could be a while!!!

I have to give an update on my little beans now….did you think you were going to get away without one????  

Well, my babies are doing great!  They are all 8oz.  Evie and Maggie had the same heartrate on Thursday of 151bpm, and Josh’s heartrate was 162bpm.  It was amazing to see them moving and wiggling.  Raj was thrilled to see that Josh really is a boy!!  I still can’t believe I have over 1 1/2 pounds of baby inside of me.  That does not count the weight of the placenta and amniotic fluid!  This whole process is just so amazing!  I have to admit that it is also a little tiresome also, but I know I will be a lot more tired later on!!!  I can’t believe how close to 20 weeks I am.  I am so ready to be at 28 weeks to know the likelihood of the babies being fine is great.  I know we have some time until then, but every day is one day closer!

Otherwise, things are great!  I am going to be a much better poster from this time forward….I promise!