Gestational Diabetes

There are certain things that just suck.  This is one of those things.  It appears I have Gestational Diabetes (GDM).  I am pretty bummed about this turn of events.  Last week I failed a screening test for GDM.  Because of failing that test, I had to go to my OB and take the three hour test.  The test was pretty rough.  I could not eat or drink anything after midnight, so when I drank the ultra-sugary drink, I wanted to get sick.  The first hour was rough.  I was shaking and my stomach was churning like a hurricane.  I remember my patients throwing up this drink.  I was bound and determined not to do that.  I knew I would have to drink it again if I did that.   I refused go to through this experience again. 

I have a friend who loaned me his accu-chek machine.  This is the machine that checks blood sugar with a finger prick.  Every time I was tested with a blood draw, I would also prick my finger and check my blood sugar.  Yes, I know I went a little overboard.  I just don’t like having to wait days for my results.  I am used to being able to access my results as soon as they return.  I know, I am a horrible patient…..that is why I am normally called a provider!!!!. 

I am certain two of the four results were abnormal.  A third result was probably abnormal.  I did have one result that was completely normal.  The sad part of this information is I could only have one abnormal result.  Urghhh.  Oh well.  Within the next week,  I will go see a dietician and start checking my blood sugar four times daily.  I will be on a strict diet.  If my blood sugar is regularly elevated, I will have to start  insulin.  I am really hoping not to get to that point.  This also means I will see the MFM more often.  I will probably be going twice weekly for monitoring.  This is a lot to process.  The only thing I want is for my babies to be healthy.  I will do whatever it takes to make that happen. 

I know there is nothing I could have done to prevent this diagnosis, but I feel so guilty.  I guess all moms feel like this at times.  I just want to make sure the babies are protected and healthy.  I feel like I failed them.  Who knows, maybe when the babies are born they will be huge and I will be skinny!!  It will be interesting to see what happens.  Please pray for us if you think about.  We need all the prayers we can get!



I’ve got a line!!!!

As a nurse and a nurse midwife, I have seen tons of bellies!  Some of them were prettier than others.  The one thing that I have always thought made a belly look extra pretty is the linea nigra.  This is a darkened line that runs vertically on the abdomen right through the belly button.  I love them.  They are just so pretty.  Most of my patients hated their lines.  I always told them how pretty I thought they were, and I encouraged  them to enjoy the line.  It is such a special sign of pregnancy.  None of my sisters had this line when they were pregnant that I can remember.  I believed the likelihood of me having the line was slim to none.  However, in the past week, I have gotten a line!!!!!!  It is a VERY light line, but it is there!!!  I am so thrilled.  I love to look at it.  I beg it to get darker.  Sometimes I have to make sure I enjoy the small things of my pregnancy.  I know this is a tiny thing, but I love it.  Now, as I sit and watch the babies move, I can also enjoy my line.  It is all just so wonderful.

I have several doctor appointments coming up.  I will update you as I go.



24 Week Specialist Appointment

All Three of the Babies’ Heads Together

Thursday, I went back to the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor).  I actually go every two weeks to see them.  It was a great appointment.  The babies are all doing great.  Granted, right before my appointment, Mom and I went and at lunch at the Rex-All!  The babies LOVE good Southern food!!!  They are actually pretty partial to fried chicken, fried okra, creamed corn, and coconut cake.  They were moving like crazy when we got to the doctor’s office.  I love it when they show off like that! In fact, we just sat and watched my belly move while the we were waiting to be called back.  I regress.  The babies are all growing the way they should be growing.  Every time we go, they have changed positions!  Evie and Maggie are now head down, and Josh is oblique. Evie and Maggie are going to be a handful once they arrive!  They moved through the entire ultrasound.  They are definitely the movers and sqirmers of the bunch.  Josh just hangs back and watches his sisters.  I think he and Uncle Casey have a lot in common.  Uncle Casey did that his entire life because of his crazy sisters.  Granted, if Josh turns out like him, I will be thrilled beyond words!!  Every time we looked at Josh he was either yawning or sucking his thumb out of the way of the girls!  The doctor and my favorite nurse practitioner are pleased with the babies’ growth and my health.  In fact, my favorite doc joked and said we were going to try to keep them in until 38 weeks!  I told him he was crazy!  I am aiming for 35-36 weeks.  That is normally the maximum amount of time they will let triplets stay in utero.  From what I have heard, triplet moms are pretty ready for the babies to be out at that point, too!!

Baby Statistics for 24 weeks

 Baby A (Evie) 1lb 6oz; FHR 148bpm

Evie’s Profile

Baby B (Maggie) 1lb 6oz; FHR 148bpm

Maggie’s Profile

Baby C (Josh) 1lb 8oz; FHR 150bpm

Josh’s Profile

Just for some fun, here are some belly pics of me as I have been growing rapidly!!


Five Weeks Pregnant 

Twelve Weeks Pregnant

Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

Twenty Weeks Pregnant

Twenty Three Weeks Pregnant

I hope you all enjoy the pictures!  We all love you!


Gnome behind the scenes…

Hi all… I don’t post often but I just wanted to say HI!  Oh, and I made a few changes behind the scenes. Ginny was getting a lot of SPAM via the blog software. I posted the issue we were having on the WordPress web site, and within minutes someone had replied and showed me how to disable trackbacks. I also upgraded our WordPress blog software to the latest version and enabled an anti-SPAM plugin called Aksimet. Hopefully Ginny’s SPAM issue will be resolved. Advice to any husbands out there… a pregnant, frustrated, annoyed wife is deadly. :)  Keep your pregnant wife’s e-mail inbox SPAM free. ha-ha!

Grocery List and Coupons

I will just admit it.  I have never lived on a budget.  I have never had to do it.  Raj and I were spoiled when I was working.  We could go and do anything we wanted, whenever we wanted…mainly eat out.  Granted, I could go to the mall and buy whatever I wanted, too.  Raj could buy any computer part or piece he wanted.  Now, we can’t do that.  I has definitely been a new adjustment for us.

All of that being said, I had a very successful grocery shopping experience.  I have been cutting coupons and trying to use them.  Today, for the first day ever, I used a grocery list and coupons.  I know that for many of you, this is a weekly occurrence.  I have to say I am really impressed.  I liked going off the list, but it was not in order and that made it very difficult for me.  I am going to try to organize the list better next time.  The coupons were a little challenging because you have to make sure you buy exactly what you are supposed to buy.  I also really learned to look and see if the coupon was really worth it.  I figured out real quick that sometimes it is not worth it to use it just because I have it.  It has to save me money.  All of these things made my shopping trip a complete learning experience.

I actually had a friend go shopping with me.  I am no longer able to make it walking through the store for over an hour.  I have to use the motorized cart.  It was kind of (no, completely) mortifying, but it was hard on my body doing all of the shopping even with cart.  I know I would have never made it through the store without the cart.  If my friend would not have gone with me, I could not have gone to the store.  It is amazing how reliant I am having to become on other people.  Oh well.  It is actually a ton more fun to shop with someone than alone!!  I hope I get this shopping thing down, so Raj has to stay home with the babies when I go to the grocery store!!!!  That may become the only “me” time I get in the next few years.  I am going to have to try to keep my “shopping secrets” a secret from him for a while! 

So, in the end I saved $25 today!  I think that is great.  If I do that weekly, we will have $100 extra dollars for diapers…and maybe a dinner out….each month!!!  I hope that I will save more in the coming weeks.  This is definitely a process…and almost fun!

BTW, I will have a post about my shower from Saturday in the next few days.  I am working on as we speak!!



Girl Scout Cookies

This is the most dreaded time of year for dieters!  It is Girl Scout Cookie time.  Every person has a different cookie that causes them to “sin”.  For the nonpregnant me, I am a Samoa girl.  I can eat boxes, plural,  in one day.  I don’t care that Weight Watchers says one box is all the points I need for a year!!!  Oh how I have struggled getting through this season.

Not now.  Oh no.  Not now.  I have had two boxes of Samoas in my house for close to three weeks.  I finally finished the first, box, but the second box is being emptied even slower.  I just can’t eat more than two in one sitting.  I had three last night because I forced the third one down.  I will not do that again!  I don’t think I will eat another for days.  They are just too sweet.  That just does not sound right coming from me!  I do hope that I can carry on my dislike of sweets once the babies get here! I would be a stick then!!!  I have a sad feeling that will not be the case.  I still can dream though!

That’s all for now.



Baby Shower

It is amazing how busy laying at home can be!  I have about four posts that will be up in the next week or two!  Today,  I want to tell you how much fun I had at my baby shower!  It was so much fun!!!!!  I got to see so many people that I have not seen since I went into hiding….aka resting at home! My brother and sister in law even flew down and surprised me for the shower!  That was so special.  My best friend from Nashville, Amanda, came down for the shower, too.  Then, there were all of the wonderful friends and family who came out for the shower with the freezing cold weather and heavy snow flurries!  Yes, this is Georgia, and snow flurries can halt all activities for an entire day!  It was wonderful. 

The food looked fantastic!  Yes, I did say “looked fantastic”.  I still struggle with food.  Let me promise all of you.  I did eat a petit for!  It was really sweet, and yes I have ALWAYS loved sweets, but the new pregnancy palate only likes a little bit of sweet!  That is so weird for me.  In my heart of hearts, I wanted to eat 50 of them.  It hurt me deep down that I was unable to do it! 

I received some of the most wonderful gifts!  The thoughtfulness of everyone amazes me.  I got some of the cutest monogrammed blankets, hats, outfits, and burp clothes!!!!  So many people got me diapers and wipes too!!  Now, I have enough to last me at least two weeks!!!!!!!  In fact, I got several different brands, and that thrilled me too!Now, I can use all of them and figure out which works the best for each child.  Yes, I will use different diapers for different children if it means less blowouts!!!!  I don’t want to go thru a list of everything I got, but I love it all.  I want to thank you all for the wonderful day! 

I am being a cheater.  My SIL, Susan, has a link to flickr on her blog where she has posted pictures from the shower.  Please enjoy her blog, and take a peak at the pictures from the shower!

Lots of Love,