Maggie Is Home!!

We are home from the hospital!!!  Dr. Patel said we could go home.  Of all things, I was not as happy as I should have been.  It was scary knowing I was taking her home and if anything happened, I am once again on my own.  I DO NOT WANT TO DO CPR ON MY CHILD EVER AGAIN.  The security of the hospital has been wonderful.  I have known that if anything happened there were tubes, bags and masks, oxygen, professionals, and every drug on the planet.  At home there is ME and nothing else.  That is terrifying.  However, Dr. Patel keeps telling me that every day without an event means she is getting stronger.  This also means that the likelihood of an event decreases by the day.  I am choosing to try to believe that with all my heart and soul.

On the happier side, I have LOVED holding and cuddling Josh and Evie!  They are getting so big!!!  Josh looks like he has a buzz cut now.  I think his hair is going to be brown!  I love it!  Miss Evie has tons more hair now and seems even longer!  It has been so much fun giving them kisses and loving on them.  I think Josh and Evie are bummed that they have to return to the life of triplets, and so is Maggie.  I think they have all enjoyed the additional attention they have gotten this week.  This means they are all currently MAD because they are not being held!!!  However, they have all be held virtually since Maggie, Dad, and I came home.  So, they are NOT being deprived!!.

I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU out to everyone has brought food, held babies, called and checked on us, and prayed.  I want to thank Raj’s mom for staying at the house and doing a little bit of everything.  I know she is sleep deprived.  She has been such a trooper through all of this.  I want to thank my mom for coming and feeding babies, coming to the hospital, and also sacrificing and being very sleep deprived.  Susan and Emily.  I want to thank you both so much.  I know it has been challenging and scary.  Thanks for sticking this out with us.  To Louise and Becky.  Thank you both for coming and helping with feeds and loving on the babies.  To everyone at Old Peachtree, thanks so much for coming and helping with feeds, bringing food, and faithfully praying for our family.  Thank you to North Fulton Mothers of Multiples and Atlanta Triplets and More.  It has been nice to have two wonderful groups where there are moms who have been there and understand.  Too those of you who have just let me cry…you know who you are.  Thank you so much.  I could not have survived without having been able to cry like that.  Thanks to all of my dear friends who have called and checked on us.  I love each and every one of you more than words can say.

I have three mad babies right now, so I must start getting the formula ready for our next feed.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

I love you all.


Maggie (and Mommy) Had A Much Better Day

Today has been so much better…for both of us!!  Maggie’s blood pressure seems to be getting under control!  I am very pleased with this turn of events!  Dr. Patel has made Maggie’s tube feedings to where she can be off the pump for four hours each day!!!!  Yay!  Yay!  This will allow me to take the trio for walks and leave the house occasionally without lugging all of the pumps with me.  I feel so much better about the tube feedings because of this.  I think we should be home by Friday!!  Woo Hoo!!  They just want to make sure Maggie is gaining weight and the tube is working well before we come home.

Now to the fun parts of our day…

Maggie and Mommy were allowed to leave our room today.  We did what all girls do.  We went shopping in the coolest hospital gift shop ever!

The Braves came to visit the kids here today.  Royce Ring, one of the pitchers for the Braves, came and autographed at hat for Maggie.  He also took his picture with us!!!  It was so great that they came.  Maggie and I saw lots of kids walking around with their Braves hats and tomahawks!

Where’s Maggie?????

There she is!!!!

Today we also got to visit with Jen and the triplets!  That was so much fun!  Alexander, Bowman, and Anna are so much fun!!!  It was so good to see them.  Jen is the bomb!  She brought me so many baby clothes!  I love it all so much.

Maggie and Anna are cuddling together!

I can’t get my picture of all four of them to post, so I will post that picture later.

I also had Kiera, another triplet mom, bring me lunch.  She was wonderful therapy for me.  She has gone through a lot with her kiddos, and she could totally empathize with me.  She made me feel so much more normal.  I had such a wonderful time visiting with her.  I can’t wait for her to bring her girls over for a visit!  It will be so much fun!

Well, I am absolutely exhausted, and Maggie needs to be fed her 15cc she is allowed to eat, so I am going to go for now.  Thank you all so much for the love, support, and prayers.  I would not be able to survive without it right now.

I love you all.


Not The Greatest Day For Maggie

In the past 24 hours we have been trying to get Maggie to eat and eat more.  In the past 24 hours she has only eaten 11 ounces.  She needs to be eating 16 ounces in 24 hours.  She also lost 40 grams from yesterday to today.  Urghhh.  When the Nurse Practitioner came to see her this morning, we discussed whether Maggie needed to have an nasogastric (NG) tube placed.  I asked her if we could give Maggie 24 more hours before placing the tube.  It is something that I didn’t want to have to deal with if I didn’t have to.  I wanted Maggie to prove she could eat.  That did not happen.  At Maggie’s next feed she ate 2 ounces.  That was great!  She then promptly projectile vomited/refluxed the entire bottle in front of the nurse.  Dr. Patel, our GI doctor, walked in right after it happened.  It was very obvious Maggie was in a lot of pain and continuing to reflux.  When he saw this, he decided she needed the NG tube placed. 

I totally understand the reason, but I am struggling with this decision.  I am being totally selfish in my reasons for being sad.  Between Josh’s apnea monitor, all of Maggie’s monitors, and just having triplets, I am never going to get to show off my babies or do things “normal” moms get to do.  I just feel like I have been robbed of so much, a normal pregnancy, showing off my babies, and the fun of having kids.  It is really tough.  Oh well.  Back to my precious Maggie.

Maggie is going to be on continuous feeds through the tube until her esophagus heals and her reflux stops.  I will be able to feed her 1/2 an ounce every 2 hours as she desires, but no more than that.  I hope she gets better soon.  Please keep praying for Maggie and the rest of us.

I love you all.


I Got To See My Other Babies!!

Dad and Maggie
Dad and MaggieJosh and Evie rode up in a wagon! How fun!Mom loving on Josh and Evie!All of the family together!!One more picture of Mom with Josh and Evie! (How Sweet)

Last night Raj brought Josh and Evie to the hospital.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I HAD to see my babies.  I have missed them so much.  I miss hearing their cries and noises.  I miss smelling their sweet skin.  I miss cuddling with them.  I know they are getting love and care at home, but I want to give them that love.  However, right now Maggie needs me.  I need to be with Maggie.  I can’t imagine having to leave her here all alone.  I feel so bad for the parents who have to  leave their kiddos alone.  I am blessed I can stay with Maggie until she comes home.  It was so wonderful holding and cuddling with my other two.  They are getting so BIG!  Josh really is a tank.  He is a sweet tank though.  Evie has so much more hair than she did even a week ago!!!  Evie was so alert the entire time they were here.  In fact, she acted so hungry I fed her the bottle Maggie wouldn’t eat.  It had rice cereal in it.  Evie LOVED it and drank the entire thing!!!!  Josh on the other hand, slept almost the entire time they were here.  He is still pretty bald!  I don’t know if he will ever grow hair!!  Josh and Evie both recognized Maggie’s cry.  I think they have really missed their sister.  I told them as soon as Maggie gets better, we will be home!  We all hope that is soon.