Yummy Tacos

Evie is my boldest child when it comes to food. She is definitely not the boldest with new people though!

Here is a perfect example of this. Daddy was eating a Taco Bell taco the other day. He made the mistake of letting her try it.

She loved it! In fact, she loved it so much she finished it!

Yes! Daddy did not get to enjoy his taco.

He did love watching Evie eat it though!

She is definitely our child! She loves spicy foods!

Just in case you wondered, neither Josh nor Maggie wanted any part of the taco!

I love you all.


We’re Back….Sort Of!

We’re back! Well, sort of. I am still having major computer (or lack thereof) issues. Anyways, we have had a great week since my computer died! The babies and I have been going non-stop! I have started taking a spin class. I love it! It’s killing me…in a good way. We have started MOPS and LOVE IT! It has been a long time since I have really looked forward to something as much as this. It is even better to have my friend Kellie in the group too. Things are good…no great.

Evie is starting to be my talker! She will say Mama and Dada purposefully now. She can also now say cow…we see cow statues on the way to the park….otherwise she would not even know what a cow is! She can say ball and kitty cat. She loves it when she says kitty cat since normally there’s a cat around! It is so neat to see (figuratively speaking) her brain working! It just amazes me.

Maggie and Josh are also doing great! Maggie is the happiest kiddo, unless she’s mad, in our group. Her smile and laugh are infectious. Josh is all boy. He is getting more and more rough and tumble by the day. It’s fun to watch, but not fun to be the target. Maggie and Evie can attest to that! Our house is wild, loud, and fun these days.

Today we had our first picnic! We met Kellie and her triplets at the playground. Kellie and I both packed lunches for the kids, so once we were done playing, we took the kids to the picnic table and ate. All six of the kids did great. Kellie’s are just a teeny bit older than mine, so they were able to sit and eat a little better. However, my trio did awesome. Josh never even tried to climb on the table! Maggie and Evie both tried a few times, but not too many.

The kids even ate their lunch! That was the best part of it for me. Normally when we go out, they eat poorly. Today they ate awesome. Granted, Evie really wanted Bella’s Cheerio’s and raisins. Bella was kind enough to share them too.

Kellie and I plan on having play dates at the park followed by picnics as often as we can this fall. It is the perfect time to enjoy the weather and outdoors!

I hope everyone is doing well.

I love you all.



The Day My Computer Died

My computer died.  I’m in mourning.  No pictures.  Nothing fun.  I’m currently using one of Raj’s computers.  It just doesn’t feel the same.  I would post pictures if I could, but I can’t.  If you live in Georgia, I hope you’re dry.  I’m over all of this rain.  Me and the three need OUT of our house.  I guarantee you we’ll go somewhere tomorrow….unless we are trapped by water in our house!

I love you all.


Lollipop, Lollipop….

The kiddos had their first lollipops the other day!  They very appropriately got them from the teller at the bank when I was depositing a check!  I think that’s a perfect way to experience lollipops for the first time!


Maggie loves her lollipop!

Evie thinks this is great! e_1
j_1 Josh isn’t going to share his lollipop!

I love you all.


Singing In The Rain

I’m singing in the rain

Just singing in the rain

What a glorious feelin’

I’m happy again

I’m laughing at clouds

So dark up above

The sun’s in my heart

And I’m ready for love

Let the stormy clouds chase

Everyone from the place

Come on with the rain

I’ve a smile on my face

I walk down the lane

With a happy refrain

Just singin’,

Singin’ in the rain

By Gene Kelly

I love the simple pleasures in life!

I love you all.


Happy Grandparents’ Day!

Happy Grandparents’ Day Mimi, Granddaddy, Nanny, Aaji, and Aaja!  We love you all!  Also, if there are any other grandparent’s out there reading, happy Grandparents’ Day to you too. 

The Question of the Week revolves around Grandparents’ Day.  It is….
Describe one quality of each of your childrens’ grandparents that you hope will be passed on to, or possessed by your children someday.


From Mimi, I hope they come to understand the love of family and siblings.  I hope they learn that we will always be around for one another even when they feel the world is falling apart.


From Granddaddy, I hope the kids have the gift of loving people who are in need.


From Aaji, I hope my children love flowers and especially roses.  I hope they truly come to appreciate our beautiful world.

From Aaja, I hope the kids have the gift of languages.  Aaja can speak and understand so many languages fluently.  I want our trio to speak at least three languages fluently.

Have a wonderful day! 

I love you all.


Going For A Drag


Using the child lease is a dream of mine.  I would love for each kiddo to have his or her own backpack leash so I can keep them safe and in my sight.  I have attempted to use it once.  It didn’t work….at all.  I tried it on both Maggie and Josh.  Both times, they just sat down and refused to walk at all.  What stubborn kiddos!  I have no idea who they get that from ;)! 

j_3 j_2

Anyways, one of Josh’s favorite new things to do is to take the backpack for a drag!  He will toddle all over the house with it!  It is so precious!  Evie also likes to play with it.  However, sometimes I think she likes to play with it just to make Josh mad!!! 


Who knows, one day I may be able to use this on one the kids while we are out!  However, I promise to go for a walk with it, not a drag!!!


I love you all.


Being A Mom

I just have to share something I am learning about being a mom.  For seasoned moms, this will be a “well of course” sort of statement.  Newer moms, like myself, will probably appreciate it the way I do. 

When my kids are wailing and crying for no good reason and I am extraordinarily frustrated, I will grab them and pull them as close to me as possible.  I don’t want them to go anywhere else.  I sure don’t push them away.  I hold them tighter and run my hands through their hair to help calm them down. 

I know this may sound odd to blog about, but it has hit me hard lately….for no good reason really.  There are just so many times when one of the kids is sobbing and I don’t know.  I think of all the times I saw this same thing before I was a mother.  I would wish the young child would stop crying.   Every once and a while, I would almost wonder why the child’s mom was holding him when there was nothing obvious wring. 

Now I know, the harder and louder, and  harder and louder, and harder and louder they cry; the closer and tighter, and closer and tighter, and closer and tighter, and closer and tighter I hold my babies.  That is a mama’s love.  Even though those moments are tough, I love holding them tight and close letting them know how loved they are.  Even though sometimes I would like to cry right along with them out of frustration, I am Mama and I am going to love them to the end.

I love you all.