Oh My Amazing Maggie!

Okay, so I admit it. Maggie and I have a bond. She is not my favorite, but she is my favorite Maggie. I also have a favorite Evie and a favorite Josh. They are all my favorites. Maggie has amazed me though. Today is one of those days I could just burst with joy. Maggie had physical therapy. Cheryl, her therapist, was completely impressed by her! She said Maggie’s at least 18 months developmentally if not more! Is that not AMAZING! Last year at this time she could not roll over. She could not sit up. She was struggling with eating because of reflux. All in all, it was rough this time last year.

From the time Maggie started physical therapy, she had tons of hurdles to cross. She had to learn to eat from a bottle again. She had to lift her head during tummy time. Then, to make matters worse, we had to rule out some major issues with her. In the end, it was all normal. Honestly, it was an awful time for me. Through it all, I learned so much about myself. I learned HOW MUCH I loved Maggie. I learned that no matter the problem I was going to help her be the best Maggie she could be. I didn’t care about labels anymore. I only loved Maggie for exactly who she was and would be in the future. Nothing mattered to me but my love for her.

Maggie has had many phases personality wise in the past 18 months. Not all of them have been pleasant. She is a smart little cookie! She learned fast that crying got her held while in the hospital. Once we got home the wailing got MUCH worse. That was a horrendous phase for me and her Daddy. We had to break her of that because we couldn’t hold her 24 hours a day the way she wanted us to hold her. She would cry so much she would throw up. Boy that was brutal. After we got through that hurdle, then she learned to walk….then run! Now, I’m chasing her everywhere! There are challenges for sure, but it is all so worth it!! She definitely has a very strong will and hurdles her body on the floor throwing temper tantrums quite frequently. However, I really think her strong will and feistiness is what has allowed her to overcome so much.

Anyways, Maggie only has two more physical therapy sessions left! It still amazes me how far she come! I know she would not be where she it today had it not been for Cheryl. Her love, support, and toughness with Maggie have been a godsend. She helped me learn how to handle Maggie’s strong will. She showed me exercises to do with Maggie at home. She has been my therapy when I didn’t know how much more I could take. She has become our friend. I’m lucky Josh is still in PT. I’m not ready to lose my weekly visits with her. Granted, I am certain we will keep in touch. She has meant way too much to me!

To all you moms who are struggling with different issues with your kids, hang in there. I promise a better day will come. There have been times I didn’t think I would get to this point. Just look at Maggie. She is an answer to prayer. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for her over the past 17 months.

I love you all.



Kids amaze me! Josh loves boxes, laundry baskets, crates, basically anything he can get into by himself. He has now also figured out he likes the pan. Since, I can’t cook him, I took his picture! What a crazy little boy!

Oh yeah! Maggie can say “ca” which I think is cow!

I love you all.


Family Dinner

Tonight we did something special and different. We all ate at the dinner table together. The kids sat in booster seats and used plates…sort of. Since decided paper plates were safer, Raj was able to tape Evie’s plate to the table so she could throw it. I am not certain if families with singletons do things like that, but sure did work! Evie’s plate never moved! We finally gave up on Josh with his plate. Maggie did great with her plate! At different moments, or split seconds, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This was one of these moments. One day the kids will eat off plates, they will use forks, they won’t throw food, but they will be teenagers then!!!! It is so amazing to watch them grow up!

I love you all.


Apple Pickin’

Daddy and Evie picking apples!

Josh and Daddy with his apple!

Saturday we took the kids to Hillcrest Orchards in Elijay to go apple picking! It was so much fun! For those of you who don’t know me well, I am a true city girl. I love concrete. I hate bugs. I think enjoying the out of doors should be from the balcony of a four star hotel sipping a hot toddy. That is really as close to nature as I want to be. All of this to say, even I had a blast! We were able to pick our own apples right off the tree. That was fun! Then, we took the kids down to the petting zoo. The kids were able to pet goats, a cow, puppies, and baby chicks. They were able to chase chickens and look at pigs. This was definitely the highlight of the day for the kiddos! Listening to Evie squeal in delight over petting the goats was priceless. Watching Josh chase the chickens was great! Seeing Maggie so gently pet all of the goats made me smile so big it almost stretched off my face!

Josh and the goat!

Evie is loving this!

Maggie loved the goats!!

Evie is checking this out!

The crew!

Daddy and Evie visiting the cow and goats!

Josh is chasing the chickens!

Mommy is petting the goat too!

The kids also got to try some new foods! They love, love, love funnel cakes!! That shows how smart they really are!! They actually ate corndogs on the stick for the first time. They loved the apple fritters (as did I). They all tried my smoked turkey leg. Maggie and Josh were both very impressed with the taste. Evie was enjoying her corndog too much to care. Also, to both mine and Raj’s amazement, the like pork rinds! What good southern kids I have! We had so much fun watching the kids as they tasted all of the different foods!

Yummy food!!!!

There were a few times I wondered if we were the main attraction there. It was kind of funny how people just stood outside the petting zoo and watched the kids. It blew my mind that people would care enough to stand there and gawk over them. I know they are the cutest, most adorable kids in the world, so it shouldn’t surprise me others think the same!! That is at least what I am going to believe as to why they were watching so intently! The funniest thing I hear frequently was said to me numerous times while we were there. So many people there told me they had never seen “live” triplets before. I sure hope they haven’t seen dead ones. That would be most unpleasantJ!

Daddy with Josh on a tractor!

Miss Evie

How precious are they?!?!?




Daddy and Josh



All in all, it was the most perfect family day ever! I loved getting to be with Raj and the kids as we

explored the world!

Mommy and kiddos!

Josh and Maggie

Daddy with Josh and Maggie


I love you all.


Okay Folks! Let’s Talk Christmas!!!

I am so, so ready for the Christmas season that I can’t stand it!!!!  This year, I want to buy a lot of gifts online.  I want to buy fun, unique, one of a kind gifts.  There are so, so many incredible sites where I can shop.  So, I am going to post links so you can shop too!

Through the holiday season, I am going to attempt…..no snickering, I said attempt…..to post new links every week as I find new ones.  If anyone who reads the blog and has a store, let me know.  I would love to post a link to your site too!

Happy shopping!!!

I love Tip Junkie!  She links you to some of the best sites for gifts!

Ally Zabba has some of the most beautiful baby blankets!


I am actually ordering this off this site.  She seems wonderful and talented!


I am also ordering some hats that are so precious from here!


I love the bows off this site, but I haven’t ordered any yet…….


Let me know of any links you have!

I love you all.


Two Tinkerbelles And One Headless Tigger

We went to our first ever Halloween party this past Friday. My children looked precious. As for the party……just imagine chasing three independent, strong-willed, FAST 1 ½ year olds around. Yeah. I’m not sure if “I” would have described it as fun. However, I’m certain the kids thought it was a blast! This was definitely one of those times I realized I can’t do it all, and I cannot expect myself to be able to. As the kids get older, I’m certain it will get easier…in some ways J! Would I do it again knowing what I know now? YES! It was brutal, but look at these precious kids! I can’t do everything a parent of one or children of different ages can do, but I’m going to have a blast with the three best kids every chance I get!

Josh refused to wear his Tigger head!

Evie is a sweet Tinkerbelle!

Maggie loves her Tinkerbelle costume!

Maggie and Josh are ready to play putt-putt!

Bella (another triplet) and my girlies!

Watching these wild ones on the bleachers was a challenge for sure!

They loved all the games!

Josh and Maggie love the balls!

I know all you see is my mouth, but Evie and I were playing at the time!

Me and my wild boy!

Maggie made it a challenge, but I got the picture!

I love you all.


“Not Me” Monday

I did not decide to take my kids to the Children’s Museum today since my annual was cancelled.

That would have been insane.

I DEFINITELY did not hit a column in the parking garage while trying to park.

I sure didn’t have Lydia climb out my side of the car to tell me how to move the car.

There is no way there were two Reproductive Endocrinologist’s wives who saw the entire debacle.

There is no way I was immediately asked if the triplets were via infertility treatments.

No way!

There is definitely no way I watched my child eating moon sand and only acted distressed after another mother saw her eating it.

There is no way I allowed my children to eat only oranges and goldfish at lunch to keep them from crying.

Oh yeah. There is no way I took a picture of Evie wailing next to Curious George.

I don’t love taking pictures that much!

There is no way there are still nine more hours left in the day…..Darn, that one’s true.

I love you all.


Please Remember

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.  As a mom who endured 31 weeks and 6 days of wondering if my babies would be born too early to survive and a mom who did 5 minutes of CPR on my own baby, this is a special day to me.  There are so many parents who have lost children too early.  I can’t even imagine the pain and grief of losing a child.  From the moment I saw the two lines on my pregnancy test to seeing those three little sonolucent sacs on the ultrasound machine, there was never anything that I wanted more than to have my babies. 

As a nurse, I have helped care for moms who were delivering angels.  I hate every time I see the heart on one of the boards at work.  That signifies a loss.  However, I never mind and almost want to care for these moms.  Honestly, it’s only the paperwork that makes it brutal….never the patient.  I know this is their precious baby and even though the baby may no longer be alive, it is no less special or loved.  I feel so honored to care for these moms, dads, and babies.  These mothers deserve every moment of love and attention.  Their babies deserve being loved and treated with respect.  Every moment I have caring for them, I treat them the way I would treat a dear friend or sister and their baby.

To all of the moms who lost a baby, I’m so sorry.  Please know your babies are loved and not forgotten.

Not Star Wars….Noodle Wars!

Raj said I had to name it that!! Since it is now to cool to play in the pool, we have found new uses for the noodles!




Let the battle begin!

One point for Evie!

Here comes Josh!

Josh has a point!

Maggie’s escaping the noodles! Extra points!

Be aware of those Wurttemberg girls with noodles!!

Maggie’s having fun with this!

What a smart girlie!

The tank is hard to beat!

Oh the fun of being 17 months old today!!!



I love you all.