Taking Daddy to the Children’s Museum!

Yesterday we took Daddy to the Children’s Museum downtown!  There were no dented doors or meetings with concrete columns thank goodness!  It’s also amazing how much of a difference 2.5 months can make!  We all had a blast.  It was till very taxing for me, but the kids were wonderful!  In fact, Raj even had a blast!  I did forget my “real” camera, so I had to use my new phone.  It didn’t work quite as great, but I did get some good pictures of our day!

2009-12-29 11.41.30 (800x600) (2) 

Maggie and Evie are exploring the “Curious George” exhibit!

2009-12-29 11.45.28_Atlanta_Georgia_US (800x600)

I don’t think the rain coat kept Maggie from getting wet!

2009-12-29 11.46.09 (800x600)

Evie is thinking about fishing!

2009-12-29 11.46.41 (800x600)

Yea!  The girls are loving fishing!

2009-12-29 11.50.43 (800x600)

Evie always finds the stuffed animals where ever we go!

2009-12-29 12.14.38 (800x600)

Pause!  It’s time for lunch!

2009-12-29 12.14.50 (800x600)

Yummy PB&J!

2009-12-29 12.49.51_Atlanta_Georgia_US (800x600)

Daddy has some precious flowers growing in the garden!

2009-12-29 12.50.27_Atlanta_Georgia_US (800x600)

Josh finds every train table possible!

2009-12-29 12.57.01_Atlanta_Georgia_US (800x600)

Josh and Evie love all balls!

2009-12-29 12.57.55_Atlanta_Georgia_US (800x600)

Josh and Evie are trying to climb on the crane!

2009-12-29 12.58.36_Atlanta_Georgia_US (800x600)

Do you see Daddy holding Maggie up to drop a ball over the top?!

2009-12-29 13.01.00_Atlanta_Georgia_US (800x600)

More balls for Josh!

2009-12-29 13.01.12_Atlanta_Georgia_US (800x600)

Evie’s trying to figure out how to put the ball where she wants it!

I love all.


Hot and Healthy Week #9

Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe I’ve hung with this through the entire time!  I have to admit I’m so proud of myself!!!!

Ohmigosh. This is IT!! The last week of Hot and Healthy!

I totally can’t believe it. 

Anywho…let’s move on!

After nine weeks of being “present” to your health and fitness…how do you feel?

I’m loving it!  I’m finally starting to feel iike m “pre-steriods” self!

Do you see any changes…any new habits formed?

I’m down more than 10 pounds!  So, yes, I’m seeing some changes!

Are you glad to kiss this program good-bye or are you clinging to it’s leg, begging it not to leave?! ;)

I have loved the accountability of it.  I will definitely meet it! 

Do you think you will continue on with the tips and ideas that we have given you?
Oh yes!

Anything we could’ve done differently? Longer time frame? Shorter time frame?

I think it’s been a perfect time!  You got me through the holidays!

Oh…were you able to take Mama M.’s tip last week and make it 

work? ;)
Some of them!

How ’bout Keely’s stretching?

Well……not sor much.  Sorry girlie!

It’s Time To Potty!!!!!

It didn't take Maggie long to figure this one out!!
It didn't take Maggie long to figure this one out!!
No Josh!  That's not where you put your feet!
No Josh! That's not where you put your feet!

Well, not really, but we do have a potty chair in the house now! Maybe before the kids graduate from high school I won’t have to clip coupons for diapers anymore………..:)

I love you all.


Merry Christmas!


Josh loves his car!

Maggie ran to the first car she saw!

Evie’s making sure her car meets her expectations!

Evie likes this pink chair….and her stocking!

Evie likes the blue chair too!

Mommy and Josh are checking out the stockings!

Josh and Daddy are out for a drive!

Evie is loving her breakfast on the go!

Maggie wants Daddy to help her steer!

Wow! Crayons!

Josh and Evie are loving this!

Dad’s giving Evie her first driving lesson!

Evie thinks she does like her first car!

Maggie is so glad to open her presents!

Josh thinks he’s going to like this one.

Evie wants Daddy to help her open her present….She wants to be able to keep her thumb in her mouth!

Josh can open presents on his own now!

Evie has a new pink puppy!!!

Oh it has been the most wonderful (and exhaustingJ) Christmas! I have loved every second of this wonderful day. It’s amazing to watch toddlers experience Christmas. They still don’t understand the concept of Santa. In fact, when they got out of bed this morning, it was a slight challenge to get them to the living room. They wanted to play with all the gifts they received yesterday!!! Once they saw what Santa brought, we had their attention! I think Santa did a pretty good job. I’m still not sure how he got three Cozy Coupes on his sleigh, but I sure am glad he did!

Josh is so happy with his Aaja!

Jesse is just relaxing!

Josh is opening a present!

Evie and Josh are playing nicely together!

Maggie and Aaji are opening a present!

Jesse is helping put together a toy.

Does he not remind you of his Daddy or what?!?!?

Evie has a drum!

Maggie loves her laptop!

Evie’s playing on her laptop too!

The girls are fighting over who’s going to get into the wagon first.

Maggie wants out of the wagon!

Me and my pink computer!

Aaji, Aaja, and Jesse all came over to celebrate Christmas with us! It was so much fun getting to visit with them. Aaji fixed lunch and brought it over. It was so nice to catch a break and just enjoy being with everyone. Aaji and Aaja brought some fantastic gifts for the kids. However, I would say that I got the best gift! I got a new laptop!!!! I have been using old, beat up computers for the past few years. Now, I have a brand new, PINK computer!!!! I can’t wait to use it. Raj is still working on it, so I haven’t had the pleasure of playing with it yet.

Oh my goodness! How absolutely precious!

Josh doesn’t want to be disturbed while watching Dora!

Evie’s sipping some “tea” and watching television.

Josh found Daddy’s drill

Daddy is already teaching the kids about power tools!

Josh has figured it out!

Tonight I had to go to work. It ended up being great! I got to leave after only two hours! Thanks ladies for keeping those babies in today and for not causing drama! I really, really appreciate it. On my way, I ran by Chin Chin and grabbed dinner for me and Raj. He was very pleasantly surprised. Then, we all got to play until the trio went to bed. It was so wonderful getting to spend time together tonight as a family. It was even better watching the kids enjoy their gifts. At one point as I was watching them play on the slide, I nearly started crying. I know how blessed I am to have what I have. This Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I am so thankful he gave me the most wonderful husband and the gift of being a mother. I’m truly blessed. Merry Christmas!!!!

This is the coolest slide set! Thanks Granddaddy and Nanny!

Fun stuff!

Is it Maggie’s turn or Evie’s turn?

Maggie loves this!

Sweet Josh is so happy!

Wild Maggie is dancing!

Evie’s trying to poke her fingers through the holes like Daddy!

How sweet!

What a perfect end to a wonderful day!

I love you all.


Hot and Healthy Week 8

Merry Christmas! I’ll get that post up in a few minutes….I promise!

Hot and Healthy Week 8


Wow! 8 weeks!! Where were we 8 weeks ago..it was almost Halloween..How fast did 8 weeks go!  Now..Christmas is on Friday and we are winding down our Hot and Healthy gig..Less than 2 weeks to go..Hard to believe..Fo realz!


So y’all know the drill by now..Here come the questions..


How’d your week go?

I had an awesome week this past week! I went to my first “Group Power” class and two spin classes! It was so awesome. I even did my five mile run on Saturday by myself. Joy was busy and I still motivated myself to do it! GO me!!


Did you consume any empty calories?

Not too many for sure. I’m really proud of that one.


Did you get your cardio in?

I actually did 5 hours this week.


Pilates? Did ya do it? Huh, huh..didya?

Nope. No Pilates for me, but do the classes I took count? I think so!


Are y’all ready to be done with the Hot and Healthy gig or could ya go for more?

This has been awesome. I’m completely up for keeping it going!



Merry Christmas Eve

But first…

CONGRATULATIONS AMANDA!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud of you passing your boards to be a CRNA! You are amazing. I would trust you with my life at any second….or the lives of my children. I think that says how wonderful I know you are! We love you!!!!

Please pray for Isaac, my friend Kellie’s son, as he is in the hospital with a severe bout with RSV. He is two years old, so it is a little late for a child to get this sick. However, he was born at 24 weeks and 1 day. His lungs just can’t handle some of the stuff term kids’ lungs can handle. They called Santa, and he said he would wait to stop by the house until Isaac got home from the hospital. He is a triplet, so his brother and sister are waiting for him to get home too.

On with Christmas Eve Celebrations! I’m too exhausted to type a lot, but here are a ton of pictures!

Do you see the cup between the kids?

Which kid will get into it first? They sure are little stinkers! There are no more pictures of this because I had to save the floor! BTW, Josh and Evie both drank out of it!!!

Evie and Rebecca Anne

Maggie and Mimi are checking out the ornaments!

Evie, Maggie, and OletaKate are enjoying time with Mimi!

Evie loves Mimi’s jewelry!

Oh my! I remember when all of these kids were born! Now they are so, so grown up!

Sweet Baby Case…even though he’s not a baby anymore!

Case and Evie wonder what Aunt JuJu is opening….

Josh thinks he may like opening presents!

How cool!!!

Evie loves her new camera!

Maggie likes opening presents!

Daddy and Evie are opening a present from Aunt Ashley.

Now this is a wild group!

Evie thinks she may want to help Mommy and Josh out!

Big, pink boxes sure are cool!!!

Oh yeah! Blocks are for girls now too! They’re pink and purple with princesses!!!

Oh my goodness! We got “Backpack”!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh is still secure enough to go back and play with the blocks though!!!

Evie is getting into the action now!! Gift “un”wrapping is a ton of fun!

What is it Daddy?

It’s a book about “Cats”! Evie loves cats!!

Look at the guys just hanging out!

Uncle Casey likes his gift!

Aunt Ashley and Princess are cuddling!

Isn’t Daddy handsome?

Is Evie not just the most precious thing ever here?!?!?

I’m off to bed! I’ve gotta make sure I’m asleep so Santa can come!!!
Merry Christmas!

I love you all.


The Good Life

e good life!

Ahh the good life!

Who says regressing into your childhood can’t be fun? Maggie loves to go back to her early days!

Nothing’s better than pushing a cart of plastic food!

It’s even a better life when there are two carts!

The gorilla thinks riding in the buggy rocks!

He also loves being held by the head!

Now there’s nothing better than having Daddy hold the sippy cup as we drink!

Last but not least….non-toxic paint is the good life!

I love you all.


Hot and Healthy Through the Holidays: Week 7


Wow! It’s week seven of Hot and Healthy Through the Holidays!

This has been a great week for me! I have no complaints!

Here are the questions for this week.

Can you see a difference? I can see a difference in stamina with exercising for sure. My clothes aren’t any looser yet, but I’m working on that one!!

How are you doin’ with your cardio…did you get your four hours in?  I’m the “bomb” on cardio right now! I did over 4.5 hours of exercise this week. My sister and I did our 10 mile run on Saturday in the freezing, raining, nasty weather. BTW, if you live in Suwanee, running McGinnis Ferry to Satellite is BRUTAL. I mean BRUTAL. It was all uphill. All that to say, don’t run that way if you don’t have to!

Have you been able to incorporate more fruits and veggies in your diet?  I have been eating a ton of fruits and veggies. Granted a lot of that is because of Weight Watchers, but it still works for me.

How about water? I’m honestly not drinking tons of water unless I’m at work…because I love hospital ice! I do drink tons of Crystal Light though. I think that counts!

I can’t wait to see how this next week goes! Today, I went to my first weight lifting class at the gym. It was awesome. My personal goal is to make it twice a week for that class. We’ll see how it goes!

My reason for exercising is to teach my kiddos healthy habits.

It sure is worth it!!!!

I love you all.


It’s Party Time!!!

The kiddos went to their first Christmas party ever last Friday! They had a blast! It was our MOPS party. Oh. It went so, so, so much better than the Halloween party went. It is amazing how much help one extra person can be. The party would NOT have been fun had it not been for Mimi. I would have left in tears. Instead, when we left I felt happy….minus the lamp the kids broke as we were about to leave….eek!

They had the party set up perfectly. It was in the most perfect size room. That had TONS and TONS of toys on the floor for the kids to play with. After we played for a while, we did crafts. Once again, this would have been awful had it not been for Mimi. It was fun to do the crafts with the kids. However, Josh was much more interested in playing with the cars. No one would let me trace their hands or feet happily. They all kept trying to eat the foam stickers for the other project. It was still fun. They would check out what I was doing, then go play, then come back, and repeat.

After the crafts, we decorated cookies. My kids had never done this before! They were so funny. Every time I put a piece of candy on a cookie, they picked off the candy and ate it! It should not have surprised me how much candy the kids can shove in their mouths at one time! We did make a slight mess on the floor from sprinkles and the like, but that just swept on up!

This party was so perfect! I felt like I got to know some other moms and kids better. That made it even more special! Oh what a merry Christmas it is.

Thanks again Mimi. We loved you!

I love you all.