My Date With My “Younger” Man

Yep!  You guessed right!  Josh and I went on a date, and I was a total girl!  First, I have to tell Aaji thanks for watching the girls. It made my day perfect knowing the girls were happy, and Josh and I were getting to spend a little time together.  Thank you so much Aaji!

Josh had physical therapy, and I had to work Thursday night.  I knew there was no way I could take all three kids with me, entertain the girls while Josh was in the pool, feed all three kids, and take care of patients at work that night.  There was no way I could physically do that.  That’s the reason why Josh and I got to go alone to PT.  Aaji had mercy on me!

2010-01-28 13.10.35 (600x800)

After therapy, since I didn’t pack a lunch for Josh, we went to Wendy’s.  It was so neat to watch Josh just blossom on his own.  He loved having my undivided attention, and I loved giving it to him!

2010-01-28 13.07.55 (600x800)

I got to watch him transfer the fries and nuggets back and forth between containers.  However, he was flirting with the girl sitting at the booth next to us.  I was a little jealous….however she was a pretty darn cute 14 month old girl!  She seemed to like him too!  It was so precious!  I can already tell my heart will be happily broken one day when he meets Miss Right. 

2010-01-28 13.10.35 (600x800)

I did give him his first Frosty while we were there.  I’m still tops on his list right now!  I know how to charm a man with food!!!!

2010-01-28 13.08.05 (600x800)

It was so special getting to spend time with Josh that it actually made me cry.  I was so happy sitting there talking with him.  It’s one of those moments I’ll never forget!

I love you all.


Talkin’ Shop

You might be nurse if……..

(I stole this one from Mama M because I think it’s so much fun!!  I’m going to throw in pictures of the kids just to keep you reading though:))

…you can tie a latex (or non-latex)  glove in a knot after filling it with it!

2010-01-14 11.59.29 (600x800)

….you go to bed hearing the sound of a fetal heart.

…you think shots are no big deal.

2010-01-14 12.05.30_Norcross_Georgia_US (600x800)

…you love starting IVs because they’re fun!

…you don’t think your child is hurt since there isn’t much blood.

2010-01-14 12.01.19_Norcross_Georgia_US (600x800)

…you worry about H1N1 if you or your child “might” have a fever.

…cleaning up poop is as normal as washing your hair.

2010-01-14 12.59.19_Norcross_Georgia_US (800x600)

…walking down the hall after cleaning poop you happily each a brownie or chocolate cake.

2010-01-14 12.05.23_Norcross_Georgia_US (600x800)

…when you have a baby all your colleagues see all your business because they are taking photos for you.

2010-01-14 11.59.45 (600x800)

…if you can tell the doctor what orders he wants to write!

…if you try to think of cool snacks to make before going to the hospital.  Everybody’s always hungry ya know!

2010-01-14 12.06.05_Norcross_Georgia_US (600x800)

…you are the worst patient on the planet…..and you certainly know more than EVERYONE around you!

…you either take your child to the doctor after you have learned of an extremely rare disease that you’re “certain” he has or not until he is so sick he must be rushed to the hospital.  There is no middle ground!

…you always request copies of you, your spouse, or your children’s lab work.  Then you take it to be looked at by other nurses or doctors at the hospital since the “real” doctor certainly doesn’t know as much!

I wish I could think of some funnier ones, but I could have the longest list ever if you wanted more serious answers.

I love you all (and my job).


We’ve Come A Long Way Babies!

We love eating Mexican food!  The first restaurant we ever took the babies to was the Mexican restaurant right around the corner from our house!  I remember vividly how nervous Raj was.  I was nervous because I didn’t want Raj to be too nervous!  We also thought it was tough lugging in all of those carseats, bottles, and other hardware we needed! 




Wow things sure have changed!  It’s much harder to carry or hold the hands of three very independent children.  Now, we have to worry about spilled drinks, hands in hot food, and the layer of food that will be all over them (and  us) before we leave!

2010-01-17 17.38.52 (600x800)

2010-01-17 17.39.07 (600x800)

2010-01-17 17.39.19 (600x800)

2010-01-17 17.39.27 (600x800)

I am loving every minute of every stage!  I love watching them eat their cheese dip…occasionally with chips…other times with hands or spoons.  I depends on which is easier at the moment!  I’m loving watching them enjoy guacamole!  I’m loving actually being able to eat a few bites of my own food!

Babies, we sure have come a long way!  I love you guys so, so, so much!

I love you all.


What to do? What to do?

So, Thursday it rained.  Not really a shock around here these days, but it still was yuck.  Georgia is no longer in a drought.  No fears here!  So, the kids were bored, and I was tired.  It was one of those times I had to come up with something new to do….and fast! 

SDC10035 (800x533)

SDC10038 (800x533)

SDC10036 (800x533)

I made my own easel for the kiddos to use coloring!  I knew they would not want to sit at the table to color, so the easel worked great.  I used an empty moving box.  I taped construction paper to each side.  I gave the crayons.  They went to town!  It was great!  There was nothing to ruin.  The kids were able to move and change without it being a problem.  They didn’t have to fight.  They were just able to have fun!

SDC10040 (800x533)

SDC10042 (800x533)

SDC10041 (800x533)

SDC10046 (800x533)

SDC10048 (800x533)

It’s amazing how fifteen minutes of fun can change a day!  I’m so glad the kids were able to have fun with something new and different.  I’m certain I’ll pull another box out when the kids are bored and it’s nasty outside.  I think I’m going to try “pudding painting”  soon too!  However, it might not be until it’s hot enough to do outside!  Then, I can just hose the kids off when they’re finished!

SDC10050 (800x533)

SDC10049 (800x533)

After they finished coloring, it was a great place to play inside!

SDC10051 (800x533)

I love you all.


For Those Of You In The Cold…

I’m a Georgia girl through and through.  I’ve tried to move other places, but I always end up back here.  So, if I’m going to live here, I’m going to enjoy the best part of it!  The wonderful warmer weather.  You see, snow here is very rare.  I remember Christmas’s where I could wear t-shirts and shorts.  I have seen my mom turn on the air conditioning just so we can have a fire.  Yes, this is the Deep South!

2010-01-18 16.55.08 (600x800)

2010-01-18 16.52.47_Suwanee_Georgia_US (800x600)

So on with my ramblings.  Yesterday and today have been GORGEOUS!  The highs have been in the sixties.  There has not been rain.  The birds are chirping.  It’s great!  When the trio got up from their naps, we went out and played!  See, I don’t have the right clothing to dress my kids for the cold weather.  I know many other people are at the playground with their kids when it’s a “balmy” 28 degrees outside.  Not me.  I know how to dress my kids for Georgia winters!

2010-01-18 16.52.57_Suwanee_Georgia_US (600x800)

2010-01-18 16.55.37 (600x800)

2010-01-18 16.56.55 (600x800)

2010-01-18 16.54.49 (600x800)

I like cotton long sleeved shirts with cotton pants.  I like jeans and long or short sleeved t-shirts.  I do prefer shoes, but if they have just stepped into a mud-filled hole, I’m okay with just socks.  No jackets are necessary unless shorts are being worn.  Oh how I do love warmer weather.  Plus, to me, once January second comes around, I’m ready for the pool, the beach, sprinklers, and picnics!  It’s time for warm weather.

2010-01-18 16.56.38 (800x600)

2010-01-18 16.59.37 (600x800)

2010-01-18 16.58.05 (600x800)

2010-01-18 16.54.20_Suwanee_Georgia_US (600x800)

Please Lord, don’t let it get too cold again this year.  We’ve had our share of it now.  Thank you.

2010-01-18 17.01.34 (800x600)

I love you all.


Basketball Is In Their Blood

So any of you who have known me since I was a kid, you know I played basketball.  Lets be more exact, I made the team every year.  That doesn’t mean I was really good, it just means the coach liked me.  I was a hard worker.  They liked that.  I also had two incredibly talented siblings!  I really think my coaches were hoping I would all of a sudden turn into one of them!  Poor coaches.  That was never going to happen.  I wish I would have, but my true talents lie in other areas.  I did love it.   It was fun being a part of a team.  I just wish I would have been good!

All I just wrote about is not the point of this post!  LOL!!  I think I may have two truly gifted girl basketball players in my house!!!  Yippee!  Evie and Maggie finally got the chance to play with the basketballs on the court at the YMCA, and they LOVED it!  They were even trying to dribble after watching me.  I think I may have some girls going to Vandy, Georgia, Tennessee, or UCONN on full basketball scholarships! 

2010-01-07 11.57.21 (800x600)

Look at my girls taking the court!

2010-01-07 11.58.12 (800x600)

Evie’s going to get the ball first!

2010-01-07 11.58.40 (800x600)

Evie knows she will win the jump ball!

2010-01-07 11.59.02 (800x600)

Maggie’s so talented she can handle two balls at once!

2010-01-07 12.02.34_Norcross_Georgia_US (800x600)

Maggie will be a great point guard!

Keep watching!  I have three awesome kids!

I love you all.



There will be times the girls love each other, and there will be times when they don’t.  However, they will always be sisters, and THAT’S what really matters.  They will learn that there is nothing better than sisters.  I know that for sure.

SDC10032 (800x533)

SDC10033 (800x533)

Oh yeah.  We can’t forget how much we love the brother either!

SDC10034 (800x533)

Give your brother or sister a hug when you can.

I love you all.


The Sacrifices Of A Mother

I had to give up the beaters and spoon after making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies…..  I hope I don’t have to give up the bowl anytime soon.  Poor Mom. ;)

SDC10027 (800x533)

They are all dancing for joy while eating the cookie dough!  LOL!

SDC10028 (800x533) 

I didn’t even have to teach Maggie how to do this!
SDC10029 (800x533) 


SDC10031 (533x800)

Josh, since he refused to nap, is sitting here enjoying a fresh cookie!

I love you all.


Dear President Obama and Insurance Companies

Dear President Obama and insurance companies,

I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and the many other people who are experiencing the same troubles I am.  You see, I have insurance.  In fact, to be quite honest, I have good insurance.  I don’t have the best anymore because the cost went up exponentially this year.  My husband and I, after reviewing the options, picked the plan we felt would fit our family and checkbook the best.

We were wrong.  We should have just shelled out every last dollar we had for the most expensive plan.  We thought we would be okay.  We were wrong.  We thought we understand the plan we were choosing.  We didn’t. 

You see, I have Multiple Sclerosis.  It’s actually very mild.  However, I still have to take medication to help prevent relapses.  I plan on being able to walk until I’m dead.  The more relapses I have can multiply my risk of being wheelchair bound, having the need for a suprapubic catheter, and decreasing my quality of life.  I DON’T WANT ANY OF THOS THINGS.  I put my body through hell on a weekly basis when my husband gives me my injection to help prevent this.  I run fever.  I get chills.  My fatigue is brutal.  However, if this medicine is going to keep me healthier than I would be otherwise, I’m going to do it forever

I want you to know.  I’m a wife.  I’m a mom.  I’m a daughter.  I’m a sister.  I’m a nurse. I’m a nurse midwife.  I’m a runner.  I love my life.  I have worked very hard to make my life the best it can possibly be.  Even, though my meds are tough, I’m running around with my children, who are 20 month old triplets.  I’m training for a marathon. I’m working as a nurse.  I’m making the most out of what I have been given.

Last week, I called to get a refill on my MS medication.  I have to go through my insurance company’s pharmacy.  I have no other options.  After I got shipping date settled, the lady on the other end of the line says to me, “It’s $518.36 today.  Would like me to put that on your card on file?”  What?!?!?  $518.36?  How?  “Well ma’am, your copay is 20% and the medication is $2200 a month.”  I promptly said I would not be taking my medication until I could figure out some way to pay for it.  You see, that’s $518.36 every month.  This is not a three month refill.  That’s over $6000 for one year.  There is no way possible I can afford that unless I go back to work full time to pay for it.  That’s not happening.  My children need a mother, and childcare would override the money I would be making. 

I hung up the phone with the lady from the pharmacy and sobbed.  I was upset, scared, and frustrated.  Why do we have insurance and work so hard if I can’t even get my medication?  We have never had any sort of government assistance.  We paid out of pocket for infertility treatments to be blessed with our children.  We paid over $800 for me to use a pump of medication to treat my nausea of pregnancy.  We paid for all of our copays when the children and I were hospitalized.  We paid for all copays when Maggie, our daughter, was in the hospital again.  We never received government assistance for food or formula after the babies were born even though we spent $1000- $1200 a month on formula alone.  Just imagine what our diapers cost….  If it had not been for our family, church, and friends, we wouldn’t have made it.  Now I can’t afford my medication.  There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

I do not want government run healthcare.  No way.  No how.  I’ve seen how Medicare patients and Medicaid patients receive the bare minimum regarding treatments.  Then, to actually submit the forms for prior authorization or payment is horrendous and difficult.  I see how many procedures are refused because of the higher ups don’t think it’s really necessary.  As a provider, it drove me crazy.  My hands were tied when it can to what lab tests could be run.  If a woman’s tubes could be tied at the same time as her cesarean section.  It’s horrible.  There’s no other way to describe it.

Private insurance is messing it all up too.  We are paying good, hard earned money for our insurance, and I can’t afford my medications? Now, I’m terrified about how much we are really going to be paying out of pocket in the next year.  Then, you write things in such a confusing manner, it’s hard to decipher.  It would take more than an act of congress (no pun intended) to understand it all.  You must change too.  This is unacceptable.

I don’t know what the right answer is now.  I’m certain what’s going on in Washington is NOT it though.  This country will go bankrupt if we don’t watch it.  Debt is not a good thing.  Those of us who work hard should not be penalized or have to pay extra monies becasue others refuse to work and want to live off the government.  There are people who use government aid appropriately.  They need the help and that’s fine, We must continue to help then.  Others, however, have less than honorable reasons for taking advantage of the system

I’m sorry to have written so much, but I needed to get it out.  Now, I have to go research ways to be able to afford my medication.



Snow Day

IMG_0003 (800x600)

I know you wondered if this post was ever going to come!  It’s only January and we have already had snow.  I, being the true southern girl that I am, have had plenty for one year now.  If it’s not going to snow at Christmas, then I’m fine with no snow or one snow for the year.  I’m already dreaming of vacation and the beach now!

IMG_0002 (800x600)

IMG_0001 (800x600)

IMG_0004 (800x600)

IMG_0006 (800x600)

IMG_0009 (800x600)

IMG_0005 (800x600) 

The kids were definitely not overly impressed with the small.  Josh didn’t like it when he touched it.  Maggie wasn’t sure what to do with it once she did touch it.  She kept trying to give it to me.  However, there wasn’t enough for me to take.  So, I just would wipe off her fingers and let her touch it again.  Maggie decided she didn’t like the snow after falling face first after having slipped on a patch of ice.  Evie was okay with it more or less.  She just didn’t like being out of the center of attention.

IMG_0007 (800x600)

IMG_0010 (800x600)

IMG_0012 (800x600)

IMG_0014 (800x600)

IMG_0015 (800x600)

IMG_0016 (800x600) 

All in all, we spent about 10 minutes outside.  After that, we went back in for some hot chocolate!  It warms the inside and make fussy triplets happy.  Granted, I wouldn’t have minded some Bailey’s Irish Cream in mine by the time it was all said and done!

IMG_0017 (800x600)

IMG_0018 (800x600)

I love you all.