If You Have Nothing Nice To Say…

Don’t say it at all!!

That would be a perfect description of a very large part of this past week.  However, they redeemed themselves on Friday and turned back into the children I know!  Thank goodness!

2010-04-23 11.47.50

Josh with the broom and Maggie!

2010-04-23 11.48.25

I just wish they would have stayed sitting down!

2010-04-23 11.49.06

Maggie doesn’t think her side has enough water!

I got the water table out for the kids play with on one beautiful Friday morning.  Well, before I could look up, they weren’t standing around the table splashing and playing, they had all climbed into the table!  Oh my goodness! I guess my kids like the water a little bit :)! 

2010-04-23 11.50.31

Evie would like to “share” Maggie’s side!

2010-04-23 11.50.45

Much better!  Evie has the entire table now!

2010-04-23 11.51.13

She’s “King of the world!!” (Think Titanic folks!)

2010-04-23 11.52.51

Maggie doesn’t give in that easily….she has the broom!

I did consider scolding them and making them get out.  Then, I though”nah” this is fun too!  This was one time it just wasn’t worth it to try and change the situation!!  We all had a blast! 

2010-04-23 11.54.00

2010-04-23 11.54.32_Suwanee_Georgia_US

Evie would not leave the poor teddy bear out of the fun.

The kids climbed in and out and in and out of the table.  We only had one fall, and that was Maggie…no real surprise there!  We did have numerous power struggles over who had “control” of the water table.  It was funny, yet not funny, to see how they know how to not share.  I promise you I’m NOT teaching them that bad habit.  Life with three self centered (as every other kid their age is too) two year olds is interesting…….!

2010-04-23 11.58.01_Suwanee_Georgia_US

My two princesses!

2010-04-23 11.48.47

Wild!  Wild!  Wild!

It was a fun and special time.  I can tell the little pool in our backyard is going to be used constantly!  I have no complaints.  Our yard will have a fence in a week or so, and I will be happy to spend all of our times outdoors in the water!  I am so lucky to have three strong willed, yet loving children….even if there is some pushing and shoving from time to time!

2010-04-23 11.48.00

Evie looks WAY too grown up here :(

I love you all.


How To Make Ice Cream

This afternoon, we made ice cream as a family!  It was so much fun.  I seem to work every Sunday, so having today off was a treasure.


Dad and the girls putting ice in the machine.


Maggie’s making sure the top is on correctly.


Josh is the supervisor of the group.




Evie decides to water some plants.


Evie’s laughing!


Now Josh will water the plants.  Waiting is brutal!


Maggie’s just having fun!


Evie knows we need to add more ice.


What a diligent girl she is!


Eating yummy ice cream was totally worth the effort!


We’re relishing our food….no more pictures Mom!!


There is nothing better than homemade ice cream with the fam!

I love you all.


Northside Preemie Reunion


Today was the first Northside Preemie Reunion we have eaver been to.  It was so special and Fun!  There was no reunion last year because of scheduling conflicts, so this year we were finally able to attend our first!  The 2008 reunion was July 12th….one month and two days after the babies were discharged from the hospital.  Needless to say, it was boiling hot and the babies were so little we didn’t attend.


Climbing in the bounce house!


The “Bubbleman” was great!


Evie, in her “stylin” sunglasses, loved the bubbles!


Cool dude!


Maggie’s going for a bubble!

The entire day was so much fun!  We (I) were able to see so many people we haven’t seen in a very long time.  We were also able to meet others in person we have only known online.  There were so many sets of triplets I have known through our group, but never met in real life, at the event today.  It was so fun to see seven, eight, and nine year old triplets!  They were all so fun and sweet.  We also go to spend time with a set of triplets who were born the day our babies came home from the NICU.  Spending time with them was tons of fun!


Josh and his Daddy


Evie with her thumb and her Mimi!


Maggie doesn’t want to be held and in this picture!


Maggie’s happier with her Mimi and a hot dog bun!

I am so impressed with Parents Partnered with Preemies.  It’s one phenomenal group.  The volunteers and staff go above and beyond in everything they do for current and previous NICU families.  Today was definitely no different.   They had bounce houses, the giant blown up slides, a fire truck, a police car, a “choo-choo train”, face painting, arts and crafts, as well as incredible food.  Did I mention this was free to all of the NICU families who attended?  We were able to enjoy The Varsity for lunch as well as barbeque, and Chick-fil-a at no charge to us.  It was so just awesome.


Mommy and Evie


Evie found a Coke,,,,,




What fun times!


Evie’s trying out the cotton candy!

Maggie and Josh along with their triplet friend Addison are testing the cotton candy!


Josh is making me eat it.  Can’t you see my hesitancy! 


More torture for sure!!!


Josh thinks he likes it!


Maggie really liked it the best!  Her face and fingers were the proof!

These are my three favorite pics of Daddy and Evie!




Today was so encouraging.  We were able to see so many kids who have beat so many odds.  We were able to play and celebrate.  We were able to release a little of the fear and stress we experienced in our twenty seven day stay in the NICU.  Many of those feelings will always lay buried deep in our hearts, but every year, every milestone, every smile will relieve a smidge of those feelings.


Double triple trouble!


I just smile with these miracles!

I know my babies are almost two, but all the feelings of delivering more than two months early and the fears that ensues are still very close to the surface.  In my heart, I will never be able to thank every person who helped me get my babies here safely. 

I love you all.


Gotta Love Water

Rajh, very kindly (while he was working if you get my gist ;)) got the water table out yesterday for me.mej_4



One year ago

The kids were a little chilly, but in heaven playing at the table!!  What a difference a year has made!!


Life is good at the water table now too!


Water, water everywhere!


Evie’s pretty wet!


Maggie was the first kid without a shirt because she was sopping wet!  That’s no surprise to me!  She’s my water baby!


Evie’s face says it all!

I love you all.


The Little Things

I vividly remember talking to Raj about our dreams and hopes for the future while we were experiencing infertility.  I wondered if those dreams would ever come true.  I’m not just talking about Josh being an astrophysicist or Evie being an attorney or Maggie being a world renowned physician.  No, I’m talking about the little things.  I’m talking about riding our bikes to the park with our kids in tow.  I’m talking about Evie sliding down the “big” slide all alone for the first time.  My heart just sings with each of the little things.  Can life get much better?  I think not!


Daddy and Maggie with their helmets on!


Evie loves the finer things in life…..including someone swinging her and her just relaxing!


My happy, healthy Josh!


I see you Miss Maggie!


Maggie thinks the slide is a long way down.  She decided just to go down the stairs instead.


Evie is trying to catch a bumble bee here!


Evie did go down the slide alone!  She is the first of the trio to do it!


My two favorite men in the world just hanging out!


He knows he’s cute!  He doesn’t even have to try!


No balance issues here!


Maggie was very happy entertaining herself in the sand.


She was being a stinker not looking at the camera!


Look how cute Maggie is!  She loves the helmet!


Josh and Evie are living the life just relaxing as I do all the work!


I really was there!

I love you all.


My Little Artist Wannabe!

All I can say is thank goodness for washable marker…..


This is the worst feeling to see when walking into a bathroom.


Maggie’s not sure why I’m upset.  She thinks she has drawn a masterpiece.

Note to self…..make sure all markers are out of Maggie reach.

I love you all.


Oh How The Years Go By….

Okay, so to be exact almost 2 years.  Can you believe my “babies” are going to be TWO YEARS OLD in just a little over a month?  :(

Look at what they can do by themselves now…..


Josh can swing on the big boy swing….


Maggie can climb fences….


Evie can slide fast……

It’s amazing how they are growing up so quickly…..and how I’m struggling with birthday cake ideas for their party!

I love you all.