Too Much, Too Fast

No pictures tonight.  So, it’s okay if you don’t want to read the ramblings of a mom!

It’s been a big day.  I very big day.  Actually, it’s been a big couple of days.  I’m not ready for it all I guess.

Evie decided on Sunday she was ready to use the potty.  On Monday, I put her in big girl panties and off we went.  She did pretty good for me that morning, but Raj didn’t fair so well after naps when I was at work.  However, he counted with the panties and pull-ups for bed.  This morning, the pull-up was only a little wet.  Evie has used big girl panties all day except for preschool orientation and bed time.  She has used pull-ups for the other times.  She hasn’t worn a diaper since Monday morning.  Yes, we have had a few accidents, but all in all it’s going well.  She even tinkled four times while we were at preschool and came home with a dry pull-up!

It think Evie potty training is enough for right now.

No.  It’s not.

We also have preschool starting next week.

Raj and I took the kids to meet their teachers for their first year of preschool.  They all did great!  Evie, not surprisingly, was the most skittish.  Josh and Maggie just went in and played.  Ms. Heidi and Ms. Sonia seem wonderful.  I know the kids are going to have a blast, learn a lot, and feel very loved.  I’m even going to be the room mom.  I sure hope I haven’t gotten in over my head with that one!  I can’t believe my three pound babies are big enough to be in preschool two mornings a week.

This is moving way too fast.  I can’t absorb what’s happening.  Aren’t they my little babies still?

Oh goodness.  I’m so happy.  I’m so sad.  I’m so proud.

Too many emotions to muddle through for sure.

Oh yeah.  That’s not enough either.

We need a little more just to push me over the edge.

Raj and I have been talking about moving the kids out of the master bedroom and back upstairs.  We have even been contemplating separating them and giving Josh his own room.  Then, I can do some really fun, gender specific decorating.  Well, Raj and I ordered some new bedroom furniture a while back, and it arrived today.  We decided it would be easier to have the guys just set it up in the master and move the kids upstairs.  The room looks great!  Evie just cried when I put her and Maggie into our old bed to sleep.  She kept saying “Mama.  Mama.  Mama.  No.”  It broke my heart.  I laid with them for a few minutes, but knowing it was making the situation worse, I left.

Then, I cried.  In fact, I’m still crying some now. 

The girls are both quiet upstairs now.  Raj put a night light in their room to make me feel better.  I know the girls will be fine.  Josh already is fine.  I just hate knowing my babies are scared even if I know they are safe and fine. 

You know, this is definitely not a good sign.  If I am sitting here crying my eyeballs out over changing rooms, think about how bad taking them to college is going to be for me.  Stop.  I can’t go there.  I’m not ready for them to start preschool much less college.  I hope all of the decisions we’re making are the right ones.  I’m overwhelmed.  I guess that’s normal.  However, when all of your babies are the same age (and they are the only babies you have) it is so much harder since they are all growing up at the same pace. 

I just want one more minute with my babies before they are all grown up.  Somehow things are moving so quickly I’m afraid I may miss it.   

Wow.  Gotta love the ramblings of an emotional mom!  I am so lucky to have the wonderful kids and husband that I have.

I love you all.


UGA Miracles Family Day

Today, there was an event for the families of “Miracle Kids” from CHOA.  Since Maggie is an official miracle kid, we went and had a blast!  This event allows the UGA students who are involved in the UGA Miracles Dance Marathon to get to know the families better!  Naeha and Megan, our hosts from last year’s dance marathon were there!  It was so fun to see them!  They were amazed at how fast the kids have grown! 

Here are a ton of pics from today.  When I have time (theoretically), I will go back and label each picture!  Ha!  Ha!  Miracles never cease to happen….look at my bunch!

1283016515113 1283016543808 1283016584115 1283016709764 1283016730552 1283016740784 1283016781144 1283017484379 1283017490342 1283017507915 1283017538014 1283017563475 1283017587854 1283017621164 1283017692068 1283017867911 1283017894219 1283017903308 1283017917624 1283017961441 1283017976581 1283017997163 1283028386481 1283028387563

I love you all!

(Oh yeah.  Josh really was there!  I promise!)


My “Monkeys”!

I took the kids to Monkey Joe’s this morning, and we had a blast!  I can’t believe how quickly they are developing new skills.  They aren’t even afraid of any of the bounce houses anymore!  They are some wild, fearless little munchkins!  Man, am I lucky or what ?!?!?


Maggie is sliding down the slide!


This is one of my favorite pics of Maggie!  She is climbing up the tallest slide without even blinking an eye!  PT sure did amazing things for her!


Evie is being bold going in on her own!


Josh likes the video games.  Do you know who he got that from?!?!


Josh even found a friend to play with!


Evie’s riding the  horse!


Maggie is climbing that darn slide again!


Josh left the video games to actually play!


Josh loves the video games with steering wheels!


Maggie even enjoyed “vacuuming” in the toddler area!


Josh found a truck to play with…and even shared it with the babies!

Evie’s just checking everything out!


Evie’s loving the slide!


I see one happy face there!


Josh’s watching the big kids play video games.  You don’t see a trend here do you?


Oh yea!  Josh went to bounce again!


Maggie doesn’t need any help…Little Miss Independent!


Maggie thought the horse was pretty cool too!!

Wow!  Life is becoming more and more fun every day!  Granted, it sure isn’t getting easier, but it sure is fun!

I love you all.


My “Other” Girls

Our family has been so blessed with people who love us.  Our church family has really turned into our extended family.  There are so many different people there who have truly become integral parts of our lives.


The Blair girls are two of these people.  Lydia and Julia have always loved the kids.  They love to come over and play with us.  They come out of love.  They never want anything in return.  That drives me nuts!   I want to do something for them.  I would love to pay them.  On occasion, they will let me pay them.  Granted, I sort of guilt them into taking the money :)!


I finally got to do something really neat for them.  It took them to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra playing all Disney music with Broadway singers performing along side the symphony.  We had so much fun!  We got to have dinner before the show at Z’s Pizza!  Oh how yummy!  That made the night even more fun!


I don’t think they really knew what to expect.  Once they realized there were singers along with the symphony, I have never seen such big smiles cross their faces.  We sang all of the songs.  They figured out what all of the performers had previously performed in.  We just had a blast!


I am so glad I was finally able to do something small for them as a token of our love and gratitude.  It was as much, if not more, fun for me to be there with them and see how much fun they were having!


Thanks again Julia and Lydia!

I love you all.


Trucks And 2T

The worst thing ever has happened!  My babies grew out of 18 month clothes overnight!  How did that happen?  Saturday, I noticed Josh’s shorts seemed tight.  Later that afternoon, I noticed the same thing about Maggie’s shorts.  So, this morning I pulled out some of the most adorable clothes Aunt Manders had given them.  They are all 2T clothing.  It fit.  How did my babies get so big?  I’m sad (and happy) they are growing up so quickly.  I am certain 24 months still fits them, but I know they are basically out of the “baby” section at the store.  Sigh.  I guess we are on to the next set of adventures in the lives of my kids who will always be my babies.  I sure am going to relish every moment.  I know I have been more than blessed with such wonderful, strong-willed, fun, and loving kids.

So, I guess you want to know why I call this post “Trucks and 2T”.  I call is that because I was only able to take pictures of them after they found Josh’s new trucks.  These trucks are COOL!  They have lights and sirens and make tons of noise!  Oh yeah, they actually have wheel that work!  As Josh would say WOOOOOW!

Here are my rapidly growing, truck loving kiddos!

IMG_6526 IMG_6527 IMG_6528

They are all in awe of these cars and trucks!

Maggie is my ambulance chaser!


Evie likes the fire truck, but she is definitely the girliest of the group!


She would rather show off her shoes!




Then, there is my “big man” who loves things all things with wheels!  He just loves his “twucks and cars”!


Oh yeah!  Daddy loves to play too!

Not don’t forget to look at their clothes!  Are they not just the most adorable kiddos ever?!??

I love you all.