Gingerbread House 2010

Tonight we did a very surreal thing.  We decorated our family gingerbread house.  What is surreal about that you ask?  It is the first time I have ever put together the house, bought the candy, and decorated it with my husband and children without other families with us.  It was the first time I was the mom and not the daughter.  I still vividly remember decorating gingerbread houses when I was a little girl.  It was always such a happy time for my family.  We would always want to continue the tradition even if mom tried to talk us out of doing it.  Now, I’m the mom, and I get to pass on a wonderful and fun tradition to my children!

Yummy!  Candy!

Everyone needs to help Daddy open the candy!

Mimi helped us a ton!

Josh was really good at dcorating the roof!

Granted, his help was between handfuls of candy!

The girls had their priorities straight…CANDY!!

Maggie finally got in on decorating!

It is possible to decorate a gingerbread house with a child in your lap!

Josh liked the icing!

Look at those girls over there!!

Gotta love those jelly beans!

Now Evie’s helping!

Daddy and Mommy even got to “help”!

This time was so special for all of us!

Then, it’s time to get the house finished!

The kids were great at helping out!

Maggie also loved the icing!

Josh loved decorating!

This is the closest I could get of a group picture of the kids!

Maggie had fun!

Evie had fun!

Josh had fun!

Mommy and Daddy had fun too!!

I love you all.


Prematurity Awareness Day




I have to post because today is Prematurity Awareness Day, and I am so lucky to have three such amazing kids. I was reading through stories on the March of Dimes Facebook page of oter premature infants, and I see how blessed I am. I think that as a healthcare professional I tend to minimize the kids’ time in the NICU. I shouldn’t do that. They were 31 weekers. They all weighed less than 4 pounds. They all had to have respiratory support after birth. They all had a hard time digesting even 3cc’s of formula. They all had apnea and bradycardia spells. Two of them became very jaundiced. Josh had a PDA that almost had to be surgically fixed. I remember being afraid to touch Evie because her sats dropped. I remember sobbing in my mom’s arms because the babies all had to get PICC lines. Granted, that was not a shock, but still it was very hard for me. I remember leaving the hospital without my babies in my arms and how it rained as we left the hospital. I felt God was telling me He understood my grief.

Oh wow those were tough times. However, I remember getting to hold each baby for the first time. I remember getting to change their diapers for the first time. I remember giving each of them their first bottles. I remember giving each of them their first baths. I remember attempting to nurse them. I remember sneaking food into their room in the NICU so I didn’t have to leave them to eat while I was there. I remember finding out they were all coming home together on June 10, 2008! I remember the joy and pride I had as I held all three of my babies while being wheeled out of the hospital like all the other moms.

I will be forever grateful to Northside Hospital’s Labor and Delivery and NICU nurses. They all helped get my babies home safe and healthy. I will also always be thankful for Parents Partnered for Preemies and the survival bag I received when the babies entered the NICU. I feel like the March of Dimes is the partner behind all of these groups. I will also be forever grateful to my mom and Raj for all of the trips to the hospital with me to see the babies. We really are blessed!

I love you all.


Thanksgiving Feast

Oh my goodness!!  Today the kids had their Thanksgiving program at school.  It was so adorable!  It made my soul laugh!  Josh wanted to have nothing to do with the program.  He sat in one of the teacher’s laps through the entire program.  Maggie was a little hesitant, but got into it by the end.  Evie loved the whole thing.  She was standing in the middle of another class dancing her heart out.  I loved watching MY children.  Oh, it was so sweet.


Josh wasn’t fond of the turkey hat either!


My sweet Maggie clapping along with the song!


My little turkey amongst the Indians and Pilgrims!

I love you all.


Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Today, Daddy thought it would be fun to take the kids to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  Today was a perfect day to go with perfect weather!  Raj nor I had ever been before.  Rest assured, we will be going back frequently.  There are so many things to see and explore there.  The children’s garden is fantastic.  Basically, that is the only place we went today.  However, we spent hours there! 

SDC10062 SDC10063 SDC10064 SDC10065 SDC10066  SDC10068  SDC10070

The Gardens also had model trains running.  It was almost impossible to get Josh to leave the trains to go and explore.  However, the mild tantrum we had to deal with was totally worth the effort. 

SDC10073 SDC10074 SDC10075 SDC10076  SDC10078


First, we went and played in the slide tunnels!

SDC10079 SDC10080  SDC10082

Then, Dad and the kids hung out with the frog for a while!

SDC10083 SDC10084 SDC10085 SDC10086 SDC10087 SDC10088 SDC10089 SDC10090  SDC10092 



After that, the kids and Daddy went and played in Peter Rabbit’s house.  However, the kids believed they were playing in a volcano!  Oh well!  Imaginations are great!


Maggie wanted to visit the frog again!

SDC10095 SDC10096  SDC10098 SDC10099  SDC10101 SDC10102 SDC10103


Then, the kids went and dug up dinosaur fossils!  The were very good paleontologists today!  They were able to find tons and tons of fossils too!!

 SDC10105 SDC10106 SDC10107   SDC10110

SDC10111  SDC10113 SDC10114


Then,we went to explore the ways the Indians and the settlers lived hundreds of years ago.  There also happened to be a growth chart there!!  My babies are growing up fast!

SDC10117 SDC10118 SDC10119

Princess Evie then needed to take a break and rest before continuing our adventure!

SDC10121 SDC10122 SDC10123  SDC10125 SDC10126

Bees (in all honesty all bugs) are not my favorite things.  However, I had to act excited as we watched all of the hundreds of honey bees.  I’m glad the kids liked it.  I was ready to move on!

SDC10127 SDC10128 SDC10129 SDC10130 SDC10131 SDC10132 SDC10133 SDC10134 SDC10135 SDC10136

Much to my pleasure of moving on from the bees.  We went to the tree house and explored.  The girls even got to look through the “spotting scope”as Diego would call it!  I’m not really sure they saw anything, but they were having fun.  That’s all that mattered to me!

We ate a very late and not very healthy lunch after all of our fun.  The kids were starved and inhaled the food!

We had one last thing to do before we left.  We had to go ride the train!  The kids all loved it.  Maggie loved waving to everyone we passed.  It was so cute!

SDC10144  SDC10146 SDC10147 

What an awesome day!  I am so glad that we can take our kids to all of these amazing places!

I love you all.



Here is the start of catching up! 

I had to work on Halloween.  That was no big deal because Daddy and Mimi took the kids to the neighborhood block party!  The kids were so cute all dressed up.  Daddy said everyone had a blast!


Mimi and the crew!


Daddy and the crew!


Maggie is Snow White


Evie is Aurora


Josh is a doctor


Look at all those goodies!


Evie is checking out the goodies!


Maggie and Josh


Josh likes the food too!


Maggie wants to check it all out too!


Do you think the kids liked the food!


My three angels!




Daddy is helping Maggie.


Josh is getting some help too!


Evie doesn’t need any help!


Yummy candy!



Is Daddy sneaking a snack?!?!?


No!  He was just helping Josh!


One more glimpse of Princess Evie


One more glimpse of Princess Maggie


One more glimpse of Doctor Josh

I love you all.


Oh The Places We Go!

I have come to realize that by not posting on the blog, I’m not going to be able to chronicle their life the way I want!  So, I’m going to starting chronicling all of our adventures!  We are a family that goes, goes, goes!  The only way I’m ever to remember all the fun things we do is to write it all down!  Plus, having five hundred pictures stored in my computer is going to do me no good in the long run!

So, I’m going to start with today.  I do plan on posting about our adventures over the past few months as time permits. 

We went to the coolest new play place today.  It’s called “Catch Air”, and it’s in Johns Creek.  It was like a Monkey Joe’s a Chuck E Cheese, and an indoor playground combined!  It was so fun!


Maggie is interested in the animals!


Josh and Evie loved the ball pit!


Evie and her deer were having fun!


All I can say is my boy loves balls!


Maggie is having so much fun…and Josh’s hiney!


Maggie riding the bouncy animal!


Help!  Josh is getting swallowed by the balls!


Maggie is playing in the “upstairs” ball area!


Evie and Maggie are playing!


Evie is so happy!


The ball is bigger than Evie is!


Evie and the deer….again!

Evie came flying down the slide!


Evie is trying to figure out how this works!!


Josh is still in the ball pit!


Step One: Sit on bouncy animal.


Step Two: Jump bounce with bouncy animal!


Step Three:  Land with bouncy animal!


This is this crazy swinging tree thing…


Evie liked it, but couldn’t stay on the “vine” really well/


Do you see Maggie?


I think I see her tuckus!


I think she almost blends in with the balls!


Josh’s second favorite pastime is blocks!


How high can he stack them?


I think I see three critters in there…Evie, Josh, and Maggie!


Do you know those blue eyes?  I do!  Evie!


Evie loved the child-sized hamster wheel!


Evie’s relaxing and preparing for her workout!

Look at her go!


Josh is checking it all out!

The finale!  The big slide with the crew!

I hope you enjoyed today’s adventure!

I love you all.