Just A Bit Of Advice

i may not have any pictures today, but I have a piece of advice.If you plan only gettingnone kid’shair cut, only take one kid. Today, we took Josh to get his hair cut. By the time we left the salon, Maggie and Evie had each had mani/pedis AND their hair cut! I had planned on spending  20, but I spent 60 instead. At least they all look cute!!!!!!

I love you all.


Fun With Cousins!

We had the opportunity to go and spend the day with my sister and her family recently.  My kids adore their cousins, Uncle Charles, and Aunt Ashley!  There seems to be a special connection between us that I just love!  Granted, I think big kids can love on the little ones in very special ways!

For example, Rebecca Anne brought out all of her Polly Pockets and let the kids play with them!  They loved it!  They are now high on my list to buy for the kids when I have some spare change.  I was never a person who liked toys with lots of little parts when I was growing up (I preferred baby dolls.), but my kids love them.  I sure do want to support that!  Plus, I know they got that awesome gene from their Daddy!






Also, Evie LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her cousin Ryan!  I don’t know what caused this attachment, but it sure is there.  Every time we asked Evie if she wanted to do something, she would ask for Ryan to come.  Even at home, she wants to call and see Ryan.   It’s precious!



Maggie’s love for the Polly Pockets blew my mind!  Plus, she actually knew what to do with them! 


We also got to go to the pool while we were visiting them!  I only wish  I had pictures to really show how much fun we had while we were there!  However, I had to be in the pool, so this is all I have. 

Let me tell you what my wild kiddos did!  They went down the waterslide over and over again.  Actually, we had too make them stop because we were concerned they were going to fly off the side of slide.  I was glad to have so many people with us to help make sure they didn’t fall off the stairs of the slide and help catch them in the water!

My kids also love the diving board.  I got to tread water for more than 30 minutes as the kids umped off the diving board over and over and over and over and over again!  The only reason we even stopped is because Uncle Charles and Ryan had to go to Ryan’s dentist appointment.  My arms and legs were so tired at that point that I was happy.  The kids were ultra-bummed about having to stop.  I had to promise we would go back again later this summer!






After all the fun we had, Aunt Ashley took us for ice cream!  That sealed the deal for a perfect day. 


I love seeing Josh with an ice cream cone in one hand and a Diet Coke in the other!!





Do you think Maggie had a good time?!??!

I love you all.


It Can Be Done!

I took the kids to Lanier World, a waterpark, all by myself!!!  We had a blast!  In fact, we had so much fun, we now how a season pass!!!  Here’s to fun times with the kiddos….and really good nap times!






My kiddos are fish!  We had so much fun!  Next year is going to be harder since they will be tall enough for the “big” rides.  I could already see them eyeing them this year.  Eeeeek!

I love you all.