Yes, this what we have called the past 36 hours. It has been horrible for so many Atlantans. So many people were trapped in their cars for 4,8, 10 and up to 23 hours before getting to their homes or shelter. It was so stressful reading posts on Facebook about all of my friends who were stuck. I have to say, we were blessed. Our school dismissed at noon, and it “only” took Raj 3 hours and 45 minutes to get home. Mom even got to come over and play in the snow with us!






For how horrible the traffic was, my children were in bliss! They absolutely loved playing in the snow! From the moment they got home from school, they were outside! It was hysterical watching them scraping together all the snow off the table to make a snow ball!! They loved it from the very beginning of the storm!




We are definitely Southern! We don’t own a sled! I have made a mental note to buy one to have on hand every few years when we need it! Since we don’t own a sled, we improvised! We used cookie sheets to sled down the neighbor’s driveway! If you could have heard the excited squeals from my kids, you would have smiled as much as I did!!


Today we have trudged through the “forest” across from our house and played outside! It has been a wonderful experience for our family!!!


***On a side note, be have loved watching the Eagles at Berry College through the storm. It was amazing to watch the eagles stay on their nest keeping their precious eggs warm through the storm. It reminds me of how God protects us through every storm in our lives.

I love you all.

Field Trips


 I love taking my kids to all different places!  It’s fun and they learn something!  Often times, I learn something too!  We will go anywhere once!!  It’s amazing the history, science and other experiences  that can be had and learned on field trips!

20140120_113734   20140120_113755

Since it was pretty chilly while we were at the beach and it was MLK Day, I took the kids to Fort Frederica.  The national parks were all free celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and his life.  It was a great time to head out to the fort for a neat, new experience!


The kids loved running around.  It was amazing seeing the ruins of the fort, the streets and all the trees.  The kids especially loved the orange trees.  Evie found an orange on the ground, and Maggie was extremely jealous!  She tried so hard to shake the orange trees to have one fall down, but to no avail!  Poor girl!!


We met some really nice park rangers who showed my kids games that the children of that time played.  They also even shared stories of other parks where they have worked!  It was so neat!  I feel like my mind was really expanded in our brief time there!  Now there are numerous other places I want to go visit!!  Our country is amazing!

20140120_115838   20140120_121228

The funniest thing was trying to explain to the kids the old British flag and how we used to be a British colony!  I think that concept was a little too abstract for them!  However, it has at least now been introduced.  I love exposing the kids to our amazing history!  I hope it teaches them to love our country and stand for all that is right and good!


I love you all.


We’re All Learning

Wow!  Parenting can be a challenge at times.  Honestly, I think having three kids the same age makes it even harder.  I could be wrong, but it sure feels like it sometimes.    Having children in general is hard, so I definitely don’t want to make a parent of singletons feel bad since it’s hard for them too.

Sometimes with triplets you miss different struggles because they help each other so much.  I had one of those experiences just the other day.  I was helping each child individually do their homework.  They were separating, counting and writing down the quantity of each different type of coins.  Easy right?  Wrong.  Very wrong.

Maggie and I did her homework.  Quick.  Easy.  No problemo!

Then, Evie and I started on her coins.  She separated the coins without a problem.  She counted the quarters.  There were four.  No problem.  There were nine dimes.  Then we got to the pennies.  Evie started counting.  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 14.  Stop.  She missed 13.  I nicely told her she missed a number.  She began to cry saying she didn’t know the correct number.  I didn’t believe her.  Bad mom.  She cried.  I got frustrated.  She got frustrated.  I finally stopped her homework and went on to Josh.  I just couldn’t believe she didn’t know her numbers.  I thought a little time away might help her remember the number 13.

After Josh finished his homework, as a group we all counted to fourteen.  I decided a little sibling help may just be what we needed.  Phew.   We did it. Then we did it two more times.  Evie finally finished her homework and said the number thirteen before fourteen..

I emailed their teacher and told her of the awful experience we had with the homework.  That’s when I learned what I had been missing.  Evie is really struggling with her numbers.  I have never noticed because the other two have always filled in the blanks for her.  I had never noticed.’

How could I have ever missed that one?????

I felt so guilty.  Not just guilty that I got frustrated with her.  I felt guilty I missed such an obvious challenge for one of my kids.

Now I know I can’t feel guilty.  I have three five year old kids.  It’s hard to follow every single thing each of them do.  That is why I send my kids to such an amazing school.  It’s a community.  It’s a covenant family.  The teacher is able to tell me specific struggles I may be missing.  I have a teacher with whom I can email at 3 a.m. and tell her  the struggles we are having…..and get a response in less than 12 hours.  I have friends who encourage me.  My kids have so many people who love them, work with them and pray them daily.  It’s amazing how helpful this community is to me and our family.  I’m still learning.  My kids are definitely learning.  And we are being loved and prayed for every step of the way!

I love you all.



I love days like today!  They’re so much fun!  We did so many different things!  It was so great!  These are the moments I hope the kids will remember forever (or at least subconsciously remember it)!  I know I will!

Only in Georgia do you make “sand angels” instead of snow angels!  You make do what you have.  In south we have sand, not snow!  I guess my kids have already learned that one!

20140119_115429 20140119_115445

We even climbed trees!  It really amazes me how much more agile they are since the last time we were down here.  Last time they needed my help constantly.  Today, they were good without any extra help!  It was so fun watching !  I will give Evie kudos though.  She climbed the highest and farthest of anyone!  I was truly impressed!

20140119_131942 20140119_132131 20140119_132204 20140119_132351 20140119_132607 20140119_132612

Then, we climbed to the top of the Saint Simons Lighthouse.  The kids like to climbed it every time we come to the island.  This time, once again, I can tell how much they’ve grown up.  The kids RAN to the top with me chasing behind them!  They loved looking out to the ocean while searching for dolphins!  There weren’t any today!!  Then, before I could stop them, the RAN down to the bottom of the lighthouse.  I guess they’re they can do more than I give them credit for sometime!!


20140119_134406 20140119_134411

Oh yeah a little beach time to end the day couldn’t have been better!  Evie even found two beautiful shells that were empty, so she was able to keep them, and we found 55 sand dollars in  45 minutes right in front of where we had parked all of our stuff!  How cool is that?!?!?!?



I love you all.


My Favorite Place In The World

And it’s actually not Disney!!!

Oh I am home again!!  I’ve finally made it back to Saint Simons Island!

20140117_154757      20140117_154902


It has been way too long!  It’s been almost 3 months!  That means almost 2.5 months too long!  I love coming here.  I love hearing the ocean.  I love being with my mom.  I love watching my kids hunt for shells and sand dollars!  I love watching them fly kites with their daddy!  I love the peace and relaxation when I’m here.  I love everything about this island.


20140117_120617      20140117_154125

The kids, mom and I went shelling fora few hours today!  My kids are actually very good at it now.  Today happened to be the day of sand dollars though!  It was really amazing!  We found more than 100 sand dollars!  More than 100!!!!  The kids were going nuts!  Every time we turned around, there were more in the sand!  It was great!  I loved every second on the beach today!

20140117_144500      20140117_145847


Oh I have needed this time.  I am finally able to relax and take a break.  Something about the air is different here.  Oh I love it.  I’m so glad we aren’t going home tomorrow!

20140117_151038      20140117_145912


I love you all!


Mommy-Evie Date

So I have the greatest thing these days!  It’s called help!  I have a friend watching the kids two days each week for four hours each time.  It’s really odd for me to have help.  I’ve really never had any on a guaranteed, regular basis.  I’ve felt a little at a loss.  I need the time to be able to rest, but it’s still a challenge for me.


I have decided one afternoon each week, I am going to take ONE child to lunch after school.  Alone.  No competing for my attention.  Just that one kiddo.  It’s hard being a triplet.  It’s hard being a triplet mom.  I really feel like the kids need more one on one time than I have been able to give to them.  Now, I actually am able to give them that time!!!

Today was Evie’s day!  Yes, I am doing this in birth order.  It’s just easier for my brain!  Evie was so excited to get to go with me.  I let her decide where we were going to eat lunch.  She chose Wendy’s.  That was definitely not my first choice, but it was her choice.  I was happy to oblige.  Time with her is special no matter the restaurant!


We had a blast.  She talked nonstop.  Granted, this is Evie.  Her talking nonstop is not a surprise!  She sat right next to me as we ate. It was so sweet how she just wanted to snuggle.  She asked me five million questions.  Most of them I didn’t know the answer!  I had questions like, “How do they make bubble gum?’ and “Did God make pickles?”!  Oh sweet Evie.  My life would be so boring without her!

We even went to the grocery store together after lunch!  Yeah, I caved and bought her Gushers as a treat!  She sure did like picking out most of my “groceries”. My grocery bill may have been a little higher, but it was fun!  It’s amazing what kids will be happy to do when they get some extra time.  The grocery store is can be awesome!


I can’t wait until my date with Maggie next week!  I have a feeling she’ll being picking pasta or pizza for lunch!

I love you all.


First Father Daughter Dance



Raj took the girls to their first father-daughter dance this past weekend.  The dance was a school event, and a HUGE deal!  I was so excited for the girls and Raj.  I knew it would be a special night for them, and I wanted to do everything I could to help make it special.





The girls and I went shopping for dresses.  I felt we were prom dress shopping.  I really tugged all of my heartstrings.  It gave me a weird to think about prom dress, then wedding dress shopping with them.  The girls tried on what felt like 50 dresses!  Their personalities really came out during this process.  Maggie, my dress up girl, whipped those dresses on and off with quick ease.  Evie, on the other hand, wanted me to help her get in and out of every dress like I was her lady in waiting!  It really cracked me up!!





I tried to get the girls to pick different dresses, however that didn’t happen.  They picked the same exact dress!  Crack me up!  I even tried to talk them out of matching dresses, but it wasn’t going to happen!  I guess their special bond goes all the way to dressy dresses!




The day of the dance, I took them to get their hair done.  If you know anything about me, you know I have no ability to do anything with hair!  I decided it was safer to pay and have it done!  The girls loved every second o fit!  Maggie wanted hair that looked like Elsa from the movie “Frozen”.  This ended up being just a french braid!  We couldn’t talk her into doing anything else with it!  Wow, that girl scertainly has her opinions!  Evie wanted a “princess bun”!  The hair stylist kept telling her that her hair may be too short and layered to do it that way.  Evie would not hear of it.  Luckily the hairstyle worked!!!



The girls looked like princesses going to the “ball” that night.  They sure did have one proud daddy taking them on their “date”!  My girls sure are learning early how they should be treated by men because their daddy is the best in the world!  Raj got them each a corsage to wear.  Melt my heart!  How precious!  He took them to dinner at Hibachi, since he know how much the girls love going there.  Then, off to the dance they went!  They dance, ran around with their friends and made memories to last a lifetime!  Raj is already excited about next years dance!


We are so lucky for the blessings we have in our lives including our school and children!!!!!

I love you all.


Wow! It’s Great To Be Back

Max the Cat
Max the Cat

Evie, Josh and Maggie



Ginny and Raj

Wow!  Life sure has happened around here!  My “babies” are now 5 1/2 years old!  I’m still not sure where the time has gone.  They’re now in KINDERGARTEN!!!!  EEK!!!!  This year (and hopefully only this year) they are in the same class.  I will say they have an awesome teacher.  God definitely had his hand in making sure they are together this year.  I think it’s really stretching the kids.  They are learning how to hand each other and friends in a group.  It has definitely been a challenge.  Their wonderful teacher keeps me completely in the loop regarding behavior and development.  It’s wonderful.

Raj and I did decide to send them to a private Christian school.  Financially, it may not be the the easiest, but it is most assuredly where they need to be!

I’m still working as a nurse midwife part-time!  It’s a great job for me.  I’m back with my first practice I ever worked with at Northside Hospital.  It’s so wonderful to finally be at a place where I know I should be right now.  I even caught the first baby of the new year this year in Atlanta!  That’s definitely a first!!!!

The girls are taking gymnastics and loving it!  I have finally found what Josh loves to do!  He loves Legos!  I even found a place where he can take elementary robotics.  I know he will go nuts once it starts!!!

We have a new fur baby in our house.  His name is Max.  Often times we call him “Max the Cat” instead.  He is a sweet, pure bred Himalayan.  He reminds me a lot of my old cat named Moe.  However, he seems to have more the temperament of Moe’s brother Joe!  He’s definitely a sweet boy.  However, I would be much happier if he liked to sit or lay with me.  His favorite two people in the house are Josh and Raj.  That’s no fair (insert pouty face).

We lost our sweet Zoe the summer of 2013.  We all still miss her and talk about her.  She sure was a great cat.  Too bad the last year of her life she had to endure a rambunctious cat name Max who always wanted her to play.  She was never really interested.  I was lucky she would always snuggle with me.  Oh how I miss that sweet girl.

Raj is doing great!  I haven’t forgotten about him!  He is super involved in the Computer Historical Society in our area.  Now we have a reason for all the Commodore 64 and Apple 2′s laying around our house!!!  Plus, it makes him happy, and I love that even more!

I’ll start posting more recent kid activity with my next post!

I love you all.