Poetry Recital


The kids have been preparing for months for their poetry recital at school!  I remember hearing about it at the beginning of the year.  All of the kids in the school memorized Isaiah 55 this year as they are learning to hide God’s word in their hearts.  The kids’ class  also have hymn they have learned this year.  It really is amazing what these kids are able to memorize!


The poetry recital was definitely a memorable experience!  All of the kids were amazing!  To be partial though, mine blew me out of the water.  I remember leaving after preschool programs crying.  I remember wondering if my kids would ever not be the ones who couldn’t handle going on stage.  I wondered if my kids would ever not cry through a performance.  Oh those were some really hard times for me.  I was doing everything I could to help kids, but it was still so frustrating and disheartening.

All of our hard work is finally paying off!  All of the kids did great at their Christmas Pageant earlier in the year.  However, I was very nervous as to how they would do at the recital since they would be speaking without anyone standing with them.  I wanted them to feel successful and proud.  Well they did more than good!  They did amazing!!  They all stood, spoke clearly and recited their respective nursery rhyme!  I literally had to fight tears!

God is so amazing!  This school is so amazing!  My children are the most wonderful gifts I have been given!  Watching my kids thrive is definitely a blessing beyond words!!!!!