Almost Time!

I am so excited!  It is almost time to start my Clomid.  I will be starting it on Wednesday night!  It feels like this has been a long time in coming.  This means Raj and I may really be expecting our first child before we know it.  This all feels very surreal to me.  I don’t have any real  expectations to get pregnant this month.  I am not sure if it is because I don’t want to get my hopes up or I know too many people that it has taken many months and rounds of Clomid to get pregnant.  I am so interested to see how my body responds.  Will I have hot flashes?  Will I be moody?  Will there be a lot of pain with ovulation?  Will I even ovulate?  These are just a few of the questions that are running through my head.  I know it is just going to be time before I know the answers to these questions. 

I am very involved in two “Trying to Conceive” bulletin boards, and the ladies there make me feel so much better.  None of them know I am CNM.  I really just want to be like anyone else there.  It is so different to be in the office and tell a patient what they need to do.  It is very different to be the patient.  I want the same reassurances non-medical women want.  As I read their struggles and disappointments, I know I am normal.  I also know that I have a wonderful, patient husband who will love me and be tolerant through this entire process.  It is definitely going to be an interesting few months!  I just want to ovulate this month.  If I do that, I know I am going to be okay.

On another note.  Joy and I went and ran six miles today.  We ran in in one hour and twenty three seconds!  We are so proud of ourselves.  It began to rain around the end of mile three, but the was light and felt fantastic.  It was so much fun to get to spend an hour with my sister and talk about dreams, goals, and plans as we ran.  It also felt good to know we are in about the same shape and our running speeds are similar.  Next week I start running with the Galloway Running Program again as I train for the Army Ten Miler and a half marathon!  Life is good!

The Beginning of the Never-Ending Dental Work

Well, I went to the dentist today.  It was awful, sort of.  I was able to take a Valium per Chancey’s recomendation before the appointment.  That eased my severe panic I experience at every dental appointmet.  I normally cry through the entire appointment and go into a deep panic that makes the appointment nearly unbearable for me.  Today, I made it thro the appoinmtment without crying.  At the end of my appointment, I was given not great (really just bad) news.  I am going to have to have two root canals.  One will start next week.  I am not excited, but I did well today; thus I am hoping to do well with the other appointments.  I know I never take meds, because seven hours after taking my medicine, I am still slightly out of it!  My mouth only hurts a little now.  I will give a more full and complete update tomorrow! Adios!

Hi all. Raj here!

Hey everyone. It’s me… Raj.. the hubby. :) Ginny had a rough day today. She is a trooper and I’m proud of her. She has a has a dentist appointment tomorrow, so I know she’s going to be on edge. She likes going to the dentist as much as I like needles. I knew she had a rough day and she needed a little something to cheer her up, so I got her some roses that were almost as beautiful as she is. :)

Nothing really interesting on my side of the world… just work and school as usual. My boss comes back from vacation on the 30th, so it will be back to fun as usual. Right now we are kind of taking it easy and enjoying the lack of stress. Oh, I did have a chance to waste two freekin’ hours of my day today doing a computer based training (CBT) program for the main company. The CBT was about the companies business practices and how to deal with customers. I’m a contractor and I have no interface with any of their customers! Bah! Ok enough rambling. hehe.

Back to life as normal

Well, it’s back to normal life.  I got to see all of my patients today.  It was a nice day in the office.  I like mellow days.  I will most likely have at least one delivery during the night.  The best part of the day is knowing I don’t have to take Prometrium tonight!!!  I am tired of feeling just a little “off”.  I can’t believe I am literally counting the days until I start my Clomid!!!!!  We are both very excited.  More later.

Home Sweet Home

I was so glad to land today.  OMG.  I think my pilot had a date and had to get home too.  He was flying like a maniac.  We made it to Atlanta in one hour and 8 minutes from Fort Myers.  I swear he waould have gotten a speeding ticket had he been driving a car.  Lorri and I survived it.  We were so, so happy to be home.  Seeing Raj at the top of the escalators was the best feeling.  I threw him off a bit because we took an earlier flight.  He didn’t have any flowers for me, and I could tell he felt really bad.  David did bring Lorri flowers which made Raj feel even worse.  I did not care.  I just wanted to see his face and give him a kiss. 

When we got home, Raj had a huge suprise waiting for me.  He totally cleaned the sunroom!!!!!  It had looked like an extension of the storage unit since we got married.  It really looks like an office!  I am so excited.  Now that the sunroom has been cleaned out, it is much readier to become a nursery!  The gift of a clean sunroom is worth so much more to me than flowers.  All of Raj’s effort meant the world to me.  I love the sunroom.

Well, I am tired.  I think I am going to relax and watch some tv.  I am so glad to be home with Raj and my boys (Moe and Joe). 

Less than 24 hours!

I am coming home in less than twenty four hours!!!!!  I can’t wait to see my sweetie!!!!  I also get to see my precious boys, too!  Moe and Joe, Mama is coming home!  All I have to do is make it through tomight, the confrence tomorrow, and the plane ride home!!  My sweet hubby is going to pick me up from the airport.  I am so excited.

Okay, on to other important topics.  Fertility Friend is driving me nuts. I am on cycle day 54, and today it said I ovulated 26 days ago.  I know I didn’t because my OPKs were all negative.  I also never actually started.  You always start 14 days after ovulation.  Even with all this knowledge, I still went to CVS (paid for the cab) and, I bought a HPT.  Of course, it was negative.  I am not upset because I never expected a positive.  I am just ready to finish my Prometrium and start my Clomid!  Then, Raj and I can get down to business:)!  I feel a lot better knowing I am not pregnant because I have had numerous martinis and pina coladas this weekend.  I am so glad there is no little bean in there that could have been affected by my few drinks.  I rarely drink, so the fact that I actually drank this weekend bothered me greatly when I thought I could be preggo.  No fears now.  Sorry for the rambling.  I think I need to go to bed now.  The faster I go to sleep, the faster tomorrow gets here, and the faster I get home to Raj!


Today has been wonderful.  I got up and ran four miles.  The gym was sweltering.  I don’t think the hotel believes AC is necessary for people who are exercising!  I mean, I know I like to sweat, but that was nuts!  As soon as I came back from the gym, I ate some vanilla fudge for breakfast!  I guess exerccise without the proper diet is not going to help me at all.  Oh well.  Next week I am going to be hard care back on my diet! 

Lorri and I went to the pool for a few hours.  It was great to just be there enjoying the sun.  I think I may have gotten a little sun.  I don’t believe it was a lot though.  I didn’t wear in sunscreen, and two hours is my limit when I wear nothing…but my bathing suit! 

Last night we went to Kelly’s Fish House for dinner.  I had the most wonderful meal.  I had lobster, scallop and shrimp scampi, grouper, oysters rockefeller, and conch fritters!  It was fantatic.  Lorri made friends with the duck!  She ekpt feeding him and making fun of me because I said it was inappropriate to feed a duck during dinner!!  I laughed and laughed.  The restaurant served great Martinis.  I had three of them.  Each one got better than the previous one!  We had a blast a dinner.  We both kept saying that we knew Raj and David would have loved this type of meal.

We even did some quick shopping last night.  We got Raj and David each a cool gift.  No info here because Raj may read this!  We also bought magnets for the office staff and some taffy and fudge for ourselves!  I think Lorri and I got the best end of the deal.  However, the gifts for “our men” are really great! 

I think we may just stay around here and have pizza for dinner.  I am really happy to just sit around and do nothing.  We are out on the balcony right now just enjoying the breeze and the view.  I am certian poor Raj will get several more “I have nothing to say, but I want to hear your voice” phone calls today!  I miss him.  I only have today and tomorrow!  I am coming home Tuesday! 

PS  Raj, I hope you enjoyed your Beanie Weenies:)


I am at the beach for a conference.  Lorri and I have come down until Tuesday.  It feels really wierd to be here without Raj.  I miss him so much.  Last night Lorri and I at on the beach, literally on the beach.  Hearing the waves crashing and feeling the sand between my toes was incredible.  I calles Raj twice while we were there.  I told him about my surf and turf.  He was so sweet and acted liked he was excited for me.  That was so wonderful of him. God, I miss him. 

Lorri and I are about to head down to the pool.  It will be great to enjoy the water and have some lunch.  More later!

I am so excited!

I am so excited Raj set this blog up for me.  I really don’t have any expectations of people actually reading this.  I just want to be able to keep up with everything in my life.  I do wonder if this Prometrium is making me crazy.  I ate 4 1/2 doughnuts today in the office.  I just feel a little off too.  That could be because of life…but it could also be the medication. 

I am so ready to start a family.  Raj is so laid back about it all.  I guess only one of us can be OCD about it.  He is so very supportive and that makes it all so much nicer.  I can’t wait to start the Clomid.  I am so ready to finish the Prometrium so I can start AF.  After AF, I get to start the Clomid!  The only bad part is Clomid can make you feel even crazier!  I am not so excited about that side effect.

I leave for Florida on Friday!!!  Lorri and I are going to a conference in Naples.  I am so excited to get away for a few days, but I am nervous about going without Raj.  It’s only a few days, and he can “geek” the entire time I am gone!